A Simple Step-by-Step Marketing Plan for Private Physical Therapy Practices

If your goal is to have more clients and more freedom. To build a truly prosperous business, this simple 5-step guide will show you how. Follow these steps. Watch your client referrals and revenues double.

1. Identify a target audience to which you want to market.

You can't market to the world. Choose an audience which you know has a need for. Could derive great benefit from, your services. Consider who you truly enjoy working with. What your special service strengths are. Then, identify your ideal clients: those who need your services, are easy to find, have the means to make the decision to use physical therapy services. Whose problem your services will solve.

2. Research your target audience to understand what they want and need.

In your research, find answers to these questions:

—what keeps your target audience from enjoying life fully

—what's your target audience afraid of

—what're their top three frustrations

—what trends are occuring in their businesses and lives

Business Appreciation Letters

The deepest craving of human nature is the need to be appreciated. ~ William James, American psychologist and philosopher.

A kind word of thank you can do much more than any other word. It opens up doors of communication and breaks down many barriers. This thought is applicable to business also. Thanking, motivating or recognizing an effort of colleagues, subordinates and business associates through an appreciation letter is highly recommended even in days of telecommunication, as these letters are personal in nature and thereby highly valued. Employers who appreciate their employees through the written word in the form of employee appreciation letters are highly regarded as very ethical and aspiring leaders. Business associates thanking each other through the medium of letters build positive healthy working relations while strengthening personal and business relationships.

Tips to Write a Business Appreciation Letter

Writing letters has always been an art, where one can pour thoughts and feelings on paper. Business appreciation letters are also the same, where one needs to express gratitude, but this is where the similarity ends. Business letters are formal in nature, and the formality has to be maintained. It is essential to do so to maintain the hierarchy and express gratitude without breeding familiarity or sycophancy.

Whenever possible handwrite an appreciation letter on personalized stationery. If one is using the word processor, make sure the persons name (addressee) on the top and your name and signature at the bottom are handwritten. A handwritten note always shows an effort and expresses genuineness of the thoughts expressed. A business personalized letterhead will keep give the letter a professional touch. While appreciating someone, do it within the few days of the deed done. A long awaited appreciation loses its meaning, and is seen more as an obligation.

As the letter of appreciation is one of the forms of...

—what do they desire most

—where do they typically go for help?

When you've answers to these questions, you’ll know how to market to your target audience, what to say to them, where to reach them. How you can help them.

3. Make sure people know about you.

The most common reason private physical therapy practices don't have business coming through their doors is simply because people don't know about them. Tell everyone you know, personally and professionally, what you're doing. Ask for their help.

Begin by making a list of everyone you know, not only your professional connections. Send out an informative email. Pick up the telephone and call them. Tell them about your recent initiatives, new achievements. New target market.

4. Create an identity for your practice and then share it with others.

Build your reputation with an identity that's your very own, unique to you. Don’t waste time and money on advertising and marketing without having an identity that's interesting and engaging. That it'll attract people to you.

Here are some key steps you can take in creating an identity for your private practice:

A. Think about your practice’s identity in the same way as you do your personal identity.

How to Start Your Own Business Building Small Wooden Sheds

You can be in business for yourself, building wooden sheds, part time or full time. You can get a lot of designs from the internet on how to make wooden sheds, that you will make over and over again. You can also find designs from your local home improvement stores, hardware stores, or your public library.

Try to have a couple of styles of wooden sheds you can offer your customers. You can take a picture of each one with your digital camera, and make a small portfolio to show people, what you build, and how much each one is. A picture is worth a thousand words, and people would like to see a picture of what you have to sale on your flier. You could make up some fliers with pictures of some of your styles, and include the prices and any other information they should know.

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Describe your practice using these points:

What you do…..target audience, equipment, programs

Who you're…..name, location convenience, achievements, history

Your staff/team…..special skills, training, unique offerings

What you believe in…..mission, policies

What others say about you…..testimonials

Who your associates are…..MD recommendations, community, partners

B. Now answer these questions:

–What do your clients/patients want from you?

–what's unique about what you offer? what's your edge?

–what're you passionate about offering?

–Who are you passionate about serving?

You now have an identity! Creating an identity can make a real difference to your level of success.

5. Market your services with your existing clients and ask for their referrals.

In addition to having a target audience, client referrals are at the top of the list of marketing strategies. Here’s a secret about clients who refer to you: the person who refers once can and will refer many more people, many more times if motivated to do so. This is such an easy strategy and a fast way to get clients. Try it.

Be sure to give recognition and appreciation to your clients who refer. Sending a quick thank-you note or making a telephone call will show your appreciation. This should be done right away. If your clients continue referring, you could send some type of thank- you gift as your appreciation. The client who refers once and fails to get recognition and appreciation will likely never say anything to you but will say to others that they sent you a client and never got as much as a thank you. He’ll never refer again.

Spend your non-billable hours with the prospects that matter most. Make your business building hours more productive by applying these five easy-to-implement strategies. Watch your client referrals and revenues double.