Another Successful Portfolio Company Sale for ClearLight Partners | Business Wire

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–ClearLight Partners, LLC has sold TASI Group (“TASI”) to Berwind Group.

The terms of the transaction weren't disclosed.

TASI is a leading global provider of highly engineered test,

measurement, inspection and automation solutions for mission-critical

applications in the Americas, Europe and Asia. The Company’s solutions

focus on enhancing customer productivity by reducing manufacturing cost,

avoiding rework, improving quality and reliability. Shortening time

to market. TASI serves a diverse customer base in a range of end markets

including the transportation, industrial, life sciences, energy, food

and beverage. Consumer goods industries. TASI is headquartered in

Cincinnati, Ohio.

ClearLight invested in TASI in 2007. In partnership with TASI’s

management team, grew the company both organically and through four

How Millionaires Attract Business Success And Wealth

Are you not enjoying the level of prosperity that you would ultimately like to enjoy? Then something needs to change. Most people do the same things over and over and expect different results, but that is not how life works. If you want new results, like more success and wealth, then you need to make some adjustments in your thinking and acting. Here are some of the ways that millionaires attract business success and wealth.

Decide Exactly What You Want and Write it Down
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Visualize Being More Successful and Wealthy
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add-on acquisitions. “We recognized TASI’s unique potential and saw an

opportunity to partner with a strong management team to drive growth,”

said Jay Shepherd, a partner at ClearLight.

“It's been a pleasure working with ClearLight in growing TASI,” said

David Huberfield, CEO of TASI. “Over the past seven years TASI has

expanded its global reach, introduced successful new products and

strengthened its leadership positions in its markets. Going forward, the

company is well positioned to continue its strong growth as part of


“We're proud of our relationship with David Huberfield and the team at

TASI. Of their many accomplishments,” commented Michael Kaye,

Managing Partner of ClearLight. “The TASI team executed well and

delivered growth through both organic initiatives and acquisitions. We

think that TASI will continue to thrive under Berwind’s ownership and

Rising (Ascendant) Signs of Astrology and Their Meanings

The first house of the horoscope describes the personality traits that we exhibit. This house represents our ascendant sign. On the horoscope chart it is represented as ASC.The ascendant or rising sign describes what you are in front of the world. It is the way you present yourself while dealing with people. It is known to be an individual's automatic response to his/her environment. Right from the clothes we choose to wear, to the people we hang out with, our rising sign can say it all.

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are pleased to deliver an attractive return to ClearLight’s investors.”

ClearLight was advised by Robert W. Baird &. Co. and Latham and Watkins,

LLP. Black Canyon Capital and Industrial Growth Partners were

co-investors in TASI with ClearLight.

About ClearLight Partners

ClearLight Partners is a private equity firm located in Newport Beach,

CA with $900 million of assets under management. The team at ClearLight

has extensive operating and financial experience. Invests in and

contributes to the expansion of established and profitable businesses.

ClearLight focuses on investing in middle-market companies that are

profitable market leaders in industries that include industrial

technologies, specialty manufacturing, consumer products and services,

business services. Health care services.

ClearLight is actively searching for investments for its third fund,

ClearLight Partners III which has committed capital of $300 million.

For more information, visit

About Berwind

Berwind is a family-owned investment management company. With its roots

dating to 1886, Berwind has evolved from its beginning as a coal mining

company, to a diversified portfolio of highly successful manufacturing

and service companies, which are leaders in their market niche. Berwind

is dedicated to investing in member companies to assist in the growth

and development of existing industry platforms and building new

platforms for future growth. Berwind operates under a decentralized

business model, offering management significant autonomy, while

providing financial, business. Operational advice and assistance.

Berwind is headquartered in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Visit Berwind’s website at