Best Forex Automated Systems – This One Is Free And Made Millions In Profit!

When looking for the best automated forex trading systems, a strong contender is the one enclosed and don’t think because its free it doesn’t work –. It does and has for over 20 years.

There is no question forex trading systems have a bad reputation and this is down to the numerous junk robots that are sold with track records that are simply back tests and not proven. The system we're going to look at here on the other hand has been used by savvy traders around the world for years and works.

The system we're going to look at is the 4 Week Rule and it was devised by one of the great traders Richard Donchian and since the late seventies it’s been at the heart of some of the top traders systems –. Even trading legend Richard Dennis was a fan so you know your in good company.

The system is incredibly simple and you don’t even need a computer to run it –. It's one simple rule. Lets look at it.

Buy a new 4 week high and reverse the position when a new 4 week low is hit –. Keep buying the 4 week high and selling the 4 week low and always maintain a position in the market.

Dr. Richard Geist, Noted Investment Psychologist, Joins Innerworth’s Stellar Advisory Board

(PRWEB) March 7, 2002

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Dr. Richard Geist, Noted Investment Psychologist, Joins Innerworth’s Stellar Advisory Board

(Los Angeles, Calif., March 7, 2002) – Innerworth today announced that Dr. Richard Geist, the noted investment psychologist, has joined the Innerworth Advisory Board, adding to its already impressive line up of top traders and psychological experts.

Dr. Geist lectures extensively on the psychology of investing, has presented numerous papers on issues such as The Psychology of Investor Mistakes, Psychological Stresses of Managing Money, The Emotions of Risk, and Herd Mentality, and has consulted to some of the largest financial institutions in the nation.

Dr. Geist has been quoted in Barron's, Harvard Magazine, Financial Planning Magazine, Forbes, the New York Times, and USA Today. He has appeared on CNN, CNBC, NBC, PBS, the Fox Network, Bloomberg Television, the Nightly Business Report, Louis Rukeyser's Wall Street Week, and numerous radio programs around the country.

Co-Director of Harvard Medical School's annual Psychology of Investor Conference, Dr. Geist holds the positions of Instructor, Department of Psychiatry, Harvard Medical School; and Founding Member and Faculty, Massachusetts Institute for Psychoanalysis. He is on numerous Boards of Directors and Editorial Boards, and is currently writing a book on the psychology of the “Good Enough Investor” (to be published by Crown Press).

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You can’t get much more simple than that and but if you think about the logic it’s soundly based.

1. it’s a very simple breakout system and it’s a fact that most major trends start from breaks to new market highs or lows.

2. By its very nature its long term and if you look at a forex chart, you'll see the big trends can last many months or longer.

3. This system as it's always in the market so is guaranteed to put you on the side of every big trend.

It’s also got some other great advantages, it’s quick to implement about 15 minutes a day max and gives you a set trading signal with no subjective judgment needed.

Despite the fact it works and will continue to work most traders won’t bother with it and here are the reasons why.

1. They think its to simple despite the fact it works

2. They want to buy tops and bottoms exactly, despite the fact you can’t do this

3. Its to long term and traders always like action and lack the discipline to hold long term trends

4. It’s not complex –. Traders think this increases chances of success but of course the opposite is true –. Simple systems are more robust.

5. It’s not based on fancy theories chaos, neural networks, artificial intelligence etc –. These theories don’t work in Forex but again traders love them.

6. There is no fancy packaging or a ridiculous name that insinuates taking on and beating the market.

Most traders pick junk robots with simulated track records and fall for the hype. This automated forex trading system has no hype but plenty of profits and I know which system I'd rather have!

The system works and will continue to work and if you're interested in long term profits take a look at it and it can increase your chances of forex trading success.