Borne On Wings Of Steel By Tony Chandler

A few years ago, I'd the pleasure of reading Chandler's first EPPIE award winning book, MotherShip. I've never forgotten that book and always hop there would be a sequel.

Well now there is! Mother and her crew are back in an exciting action / adventure / mystery sequel that encompasses worlds peopled with a variety of alien beings competing even "Star Wars". Eclectic collection. Chandler has the unique talent of bringing his characters to life and making you believe that they're not only possible. Maybe –. Just maybe they're waiting for you right around the corner.

One of my husband's favorite adages is, "Never try to come between a mother and her child.". As I read this book, I thought of that and couldn't help laughing. Imagine how much more that adage might mean if that "Mother". Is a sentient starship fully armed with hybrid weapons built specifically for her and ready for battle. Ouch!

Three children raised by Mother are now young adults full of the curiosity and exuberance of youth. Are these three the last remaining human beings in the universe? Their home world, Earth, was completely destroyed by a war-faring alien race. The children were barely escaping destruction because they were already aboard MotherShip. But their quest to search for other humans hasn't ended. Deep down, they hold out hope that they'll find other human survivors. Because she wants them to be happy, it's also Mother's goal. The search leads them millions of light years away to strange worlds, where they encounter many exotic races –. No humans.

During their quest, they and their alien "family". Became entangled in a web of espionage and danger where they encounter the mysterious Paum. Who or what's Paum? Why are the residents of this universe afraid of Paum? Why's this Paum so interested in Mother? They soon discover that more than just lives are at stake. Perhaps the future of the entire universe lies in the hands of these three, young humans, Mother and their small "family.".

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Because I'm intrigued by the idea of ​​sentient machines with artificial intelligence, I found myself holding my breath to see what Mother would do next. One of my favorite lines from the book is, "Don't make Mother mad.". This story will have you chuckling one minute and on the edge of your seat the next.

If you didn't read the first story MotherShip, you'll find that the sequel, Borne On Wings Of Steel, stands alone with high adventure. Will keep you entranced from the first page to the last.

If you did read the first one, your experience will be enriched twofold –. you'll reunite with old friends and make new ones in this second in the series. I strongly recommend that you get both at Hard Shell Word Factory and take not just one. Two exciting trips into this innovative future that Chandler has created for you.

Borne On Wings Of Steel

Tony Chandler

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Release Date: January, 2008