Business Managers: Stop Wasting Hours a Month Preparing Sales Commission Statements

Bellevue, WA (PRWEB) March 15, 2011

Monitoring, calculating and paying sales commisions is a key job responsibility for many business managers. Thanks to a number of great tools such as Microsoft Excel this task is relatively easy to perform. However, at the end of every pay period each business manager has to endure the time wasting process of copy/paste to create individual sales commision statement for their sales representatives, management and payroll. Like every manual process, it's prone to error and wastes hours that are better spent elsewhere.

Cultural Diversity in The Workplace

Workplace diversity is a multi-faceted concept that continues to evolve as more industries move towards a global marketplace. Most people hold the belief that every human being is of equal worth, entitled to the same privileges and opportunities, without regard to race, gender, disability or age. This fundamental belief has led to changes in management practices. A diverse workplace is winning increased recognition among companies as one vital element of competing successfully in the present and the future. Managing diversity is crucial to unlocking its benefits, but failing to do so can be fatal to the success of the company.

Diversity is defined as the condition of being different. Diversity encompasses a mixture of items characterized by similarities and differences. Diversity in the workplace creates an environment in which employees' different identities and abilities are not only respected but also appreciated. Such is an environment or workplace that is conducive to motivation and rewarding high performance.

In the most pronounced sense the management of diversity is a business' reaction to rapid cultural and sociological changes. Internally, diversity management means providing a climate where all employees feel that the organization is flexible and astute about changes occurring in the world markets. The hard truth is, however, that inequalities exist for employees within organizations due to stereotyping and preconceived ideas about one based on race, gender, religious or cultural origins, age, physical or mental limitations.

While workplace diversity programs are the norm rather than the exception, many people do not distinguish between "diversity and "affirmative action." Diversity is sometimes seen as another words such affirmative action or equal opportunity. Contrary to popular belief, managing diversity is not affirmative action. The latter is a tool used to monitor goals and timetables for hiring and promoting women and members of minority groups...

To solve this problem Nirvaha has released OneClick Commisions, the cloud based web application designed specifically to create professional looking sales commision statements from Excel commision spreadsheets.

Using OneClick Commisions, business managers use their existing Excel commision tracking spreadsheet and quickly create statements for individual sales representatives. Specific regions, product lines. Other categories. OneClick Commisions quickly creates individual PDF files with only the selected details. A click of a mouse and these statements are sent to each recipient in moments.

According to Tom Brubaker, EVP of Sales and Product Management at Nirvaha, “We've seen tremendous demand for Nirvaha's technology and wanted to extend our product portfolio to include a web based application that meets the needs of the small and medium size business manager who wastes hours every month on the relatively mundane. Important task of producing sales commision statements.”

Interested companies can take advantage of the OneClick Commision free trial and see how easy it's to take a complex Excel sales commision spreadsheet and quickly create statements for sales representatives, payroll and management. Distribution and printing of these statements is done in seconds without further copy/paste.

About OneClick Commisions

OneClick Commisions, created by Nirvaha is an online sales commision statement service that generates reports and statements for management, payroll and sales representatives from your Excel sales commision spreadsheets. OneClick Commisions eliminates the need to copy/paste and lets you send one or hundreds of sales commission statements in seconds. For more information email Visit our website at