Champion Golfer Ernie Els Launches New Training App from Driven Apps | Business Wire

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Four Time Major winner Ernie Els today launched the Ernie

Els Driven iPhone app in partnership with Driven Apps of New York. The

iPhone training app offers customized training programs and video

tutorials to help golfers improve their skills in every part of the game.

Powered by Driven Apps, Ernie Els Driven is designed to give golfers of

all ages and abilities access to the tips and practice drills on which

Ernie built his renowned career. Users can follow Ernie’s swing tips

through high quality instructional videos, shot at 300 frames per

second. Practice using the same mini games and challenges as ‘The

Big Easy’ himself.

With step-by-step instructional videos and features that allow users to

track and share their progress, Ernie Els Driven is the ultimate golf

training tool. People can even use the swing analysis tool to compare

Golf Swing Fundamentals – Hitting the Ball

From the type of grip that you choose, to the follow through on the backswing, the perfect golf swing requires a great deal of concentration and execution. Apprentice and professional golfers alike will tell you that mastering golf swing fundamentals are the keys to the ideal golf swing. While learning how to swing a golf club will take lots of practice, there is plenty of golf swing analysis software in the marketplace to help show you the correct way of hitting the ball. Are you learning how to play the game of golf, and need some useful tips on the best golf swing? Would you like to improve on the mechanics of your golf swing? Then help yourself to this step by step method on the correct way to drive the golf ball down the fairway like a pro.

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their swing side-by-side with Ernie’s, from multiple angles. The high

quality tutorials allow users to follow Ernie’s swing in slow motion,

with instruction on swing fundamentals, chipping, putting, bunker shots,

and much more.

On his first iPhone app, Els says, “I'm asked every week by amateurs

how to play specific shots and for general advice on their game, which

is why we developed this app.” Els continues, “It's great to be able to

pass on some of the drills I use in my game and also some of the

knowledge I've learnt in my years on the Tour. The app also gives

golfers the tools they need in order to measure results so they can

track their progress and success.”

“The focus of Ernie Els Driven is centered around course instruction,

and mini games that encourage repetition and facilitate overall

improvement for golfers of all abilities,” says Don Saladino, Founder

and President of Driven Apps. “The Ernie Els Driven App provides users

with tips and swing instruction from one of golf’s greatest players.

offers drills and challenges for users to integrate these teaching

points into their own practice routine at the course.”

Ernie Els Driven is now available in the App Store for $4.99. Users who

download the app will receive “The Big Easy” bundle as part of their

purchase which features practice tools such as record and compare and

Ernie’s metronome, as well as high quality instructional videos with

Ernie, focused on chipping, putting, bunker play and swing fundamentals.

After download, users will have the opportunity to purchase upgrades

such as the “‘12 Open Champ” bundle, which includes instructional videos

with Ernie, focused on situational shots and shot shaping. Download

Ernie Els Driven from the App Store here:

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