Chase Expands Clear & Simple Plan to Empower And Educate Customers on Smart Credit Use.

Ten-Point Plan Includes $10 Incentive to Help Customers Pay on

Time, Avoid Fees and Maintain Their Best Interest Rate

WILMINGTON, Del. —. Today, Chase Card Services announced the

expansion of Chase Clear &. Simple, an ongoing program designed to

help Chase customers better understand and manage their accounts, with

10 consumer-friendly initiatives. In addition, Chase is launching an

online site, that'll feature tools and

information to empower customers.

In creating the suite of Chase Clear &. Simple materials, the

company wants to increase transparency with easy-to-understand

communications and empower cardmembers to make smarter choices with

tools that'll help them more effectively control credit card accounts

and avoid the fees they don’t want to pay.

“Through extensive research, we listened to what consumers had

to say. More than one in five tell us that when choosing a new

credit card, easy-to-understand terms and rules was a very important

selection criteria for them,”. Said Carter Franke, marketing

executive, JP Morgan Chase. “More than half of consumers also

believe that a credit card company should be proactive in contacting

them with advice if they make late payments, exceed their credit limits

or exhibit other behaviour that could get them into financial


The Chase Clear &. Simple program offers 10 initiatives:

1. Incentives to Pay on Time &. Avoid Fees: This summer, Chase

will offer cardmembers a $10 credit when they sign-up for helpful tools

like free alerts, auto-pay and online statements so that they can more

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Now, let's have a look at some...

easily manage their accounts, avoid late fees and preserve their best


2. Proactive Outreach: Because Chase wants to help its customers

stay out of financial trouble, Chase is proactively sending letters,

e-mails or phone calls to customers who are showing signs of financial

stress. Even before they get behind on their payments, to offer

solutions and custom payment strategies.

3. Choose Your Due Date: Chase customers can select their own

payment due date, choosing the date that's most convenient for them.

4. Over-Limit Controls: Customers can protect their accounts

against over-limit fees by adding customized “controls”. To

their accounts that contain their spending within their credit limit.

5. Military Shouldn’t Pay Extra Price: Chase knows that

military members sacrifice greatly to serve their country and wants to

make managing Chase accounts especially easy for customers making that

commitment. Chase has a history of going above and beyond federal law in

its treatment of military customers, such as reducing interest rates on

all balances –. Including those incurred after going on active duty –. And

not charging late or over-limit fees on those accounts.

6. Helping Those Who Are New to Credit: Chase is committed to

helping first-time users of credit cards –. Especially college students –

learn how to use credit responsibly. To help them pay on time, the

company has a range of programs to remind them of due dates, let them

know if a payment is late and offer advice on how to manage their credit

card use.

7. Simplified Cardmember Communications: Chase has designed an

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ongoing series of communications to help cardmembers easily understand

and control their credit card accounts and avoid fees. For example,

Chase is testing a new card “user’s guide”. That lays out

the rules for credit card use in clear and simple language so that

customers understand what responsible credit use means. A communication

has already gone to about 30 million cardmembers outlining for them –. In

plain language –. Tools and tips on avoiding fees and keeping their

accounts in good standing.

8. Chase Clear &. Simple Web Site: The Chase Clear &. Simple

Web site ( provides consumers with tips and

information to help them better manage their personal finances and

easy-to-use tools that empower customers to use credit cards wisely.

9. Payment &. Budget Calculators: Chase offers a variety of free

payment and budget calculators on its website to help with a wide range

of financial planning, including a payment calculator that'll allow

consumers to calculate the length of time it'll take to pay off any

credit card balance.

10. Rate Reset: Even though 92 percent of Chase customers start and

end the year with the same or better interest rate, Chase offers a

solution for those customers who have slipped and made a few late

payments. If a customer signs up for automatic payment and makes on-time

payments for 12 consecutive months, Chase will insure that the

customer’s rate is reset to the lower, original non-promotional


Today’s 10 actions represent the next phase in a series of

Clear &. Simple initiatives Chase began in March. These initiatives

are organised around three central themes guiding Chase’s programs

and policies:

1. Tools to Empower Customers, including free alerts and proactive

outreach to customers experiencing financial difficulty.

2. Financial Literacy and Education, including student-focused

financial education materials and a new $3.9 million grant program

designed to help support financial literacy efforts for people of all


3. Clearer Communication of Terms and Conditions, including new

easy-to-understand supplemental materials for customers and outreach to

consumer advocacy groups for additional input and suggested


“We believe that providing consumers with information and

easy-to-use tools that empower them to effectively control their credit

card accounts is smart business,”. Franke said. “Our best

customers are those who are knowledgeable and responsible. When our

customers succeed. Do we.”

About Chase

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50 countries. The company has more than 140 million credit cards issued.

Under the Chase and JPMorgan brands, the firm serves millions of

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