Chocolate Seeds Producer Nahualli Trading Co. Inks Deal for Organic Cocoa Beans with Farmers in Ecuador   | Business Wire


Trading Company, master crafter of Chocolate Seeds,

today announced its agreement for the purchase of organic cocoa beans


an association of certified organic cocoa farmers in Ecuador’s

Esmeraldas Province. FONMSOEAM is comprised of 400

small-scale cocoa farmers who support rain forest preservation in their

farming practices and work with the non-governmental organization Great

Wilderness, which protects tropical ecosystems.

Purchasing directly from farmers and paying a wage above prices

identified by the International Cocoa Organization (ICCO)

for organic cocoa beans (or cacao beans, as they're referred to

locally), Nahualli Trading Co. guarantees exceptional quality in its

Chocolate Seeds product.

Paul Mosca, owner of Nahualli

Trading Co. and gourmet chocolate artisan, noted that

the fair trade and organic practices, as well as the ecological

sensitivity to the bean growing process, are important to his business

from both a product and ethical perspective.

“By going directly to the farmer and not through a broker, we can

build a relationship and ensure we're receiving high quality beans,” he

said. “We buy our beans from just a few farms. Although we place

multiple orders in a year, just one order could pay for a farmer’s

entire annual salary. At the same time, we're mindful of our footprint

on the environment in all aspects of producing our Chocolate Seeds.”

Mosca’s first order of Chocolate Seeds produced from the organic

cocoa beans shipped this week to retailers in Washington, D.C., North

Carolina and the Midwest, including the Chocolate Exhibition traveling

to natural science museums across the United States.

About Nahualli Trading Company and Chocolate Seeds

Since 2008, Raleigh, N.C.-based Nahualli

Trading Company has been producing Chocolate Seeds, a whole,

shelled cocoa bean covered in dark chocolate. Owner and master chocolate

artisan Paul Mosca roasts well-fermented cocoa beans, then uses a

traditional panning technique to coat each bean with dark chocolate. The

bean-to-bean process is a commitment to the authentic nature of the

cocoa bean and the resulting Chocolate Seed. Nahualli Trading Company

sources its beans from certified organic cocoa farmers in Ecuador and

distributes its products in the United States on the East Coast and

throughout the Midwest and California.

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