CORRECTING and REPLACING Karmies Disrupts the Mobile Messaging Market with the Industry’s First Interactive and Custom Emoji Platform | Business Wire

LAS VEGAS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Reissuing release dated September 9, 2016, to correct contact


The corrected release reads:

Karmies Disrupts the Mobile Messaging Market with the Industry’s

First Interactive and Custom Emoji Platform

Today, Karmies, in partnership with Pinsight Media, announces the launch

of the market’s first interactive emoji platform connecting brands and

users in a real-time social environment. Representing the next evolution

of mobile content, this unique platform is completely customizable and

enables on-demand delivery of personalized content.

“Leveraging the 6 billion emojis and 23 billion texts sent on a daily

basis, the opportunities for this type of technology are endless. Brands

now have a new and innovative way to engage with their most valued

audience in a social environment and publishers benefit from the

additional revenue stream created by these actions,” said Megan Haines,

CEO of Karmies.

Karmies –. A 2016 Sprint Accelerator powered by Techstars graduate –. In

partnership with Pinsight Media, has already demonstrated strong

performance in beta with early adopters and third-party messaging apps,

such as Loopy for Telegram.

“We've a strong history of innovation and partnering with Karmies

further illustrates that commitment. We're thrilled with the market

reception, adoption and performance thus far and look forwards to

continued success,“ added Kevin McGinnis, head of Pinsight Media.

Haines also commented, “Given the aggressive growth trends within the

emoji marketing space, our goal is to provide marketers with the tools

and features they need to continue to enrich campaigns. Combining this

level of customization and targeting will enable marketers to deepen the

existing relationships and add value.”

ABOUT Karmies

A mobile content distribution platform that connects brands to mobile

users by leveraging the over 6 billion emojis sent every day. The

Karmies Platform enables custom interactive emojis that are delivered

on-demand to the smartphone keyboard to extend brand awareness and

enrich the messaging environment.

ABOUT Pinsight Media

Pinsight Media is a mobile data company. Its mission is to connect

brands with audiences through data-driven mobile media solutions. The

Pinsight DMP combines verified mobile carrier data with demographic,

behavioural and location data to create custom targeted media solutions

to reach the right mobile users at the right time.