Empowr, Scam or Revolution?

I was recently introduced to empowr.com, a company that's striving to positively impact the lives of people all around the world while allowing others the same opportunity. Unfortunately the pessimist inside all of us is usually quick to label something like empowr as a scam because whenever we hear that a person, company or organisation is trying to give back or do something for the greater good of humanity, it's usually too good to be true. In this instance though, I don't see that as the case and have high hopes for this new tech venture.

At Empowr, members form a part of a social economy and have the opportunity to earn a share of the company's profits through selling products and services, posting photos, videos and blogs. Many other activities.

Just like any social network, empowr.com has aspects of communication, entertainment. Everything else that we enjoy to do on the internet. The thing that sets Empowr apart from the other websites in this industry, is the fact that they're giving people all over the world to take part in the knowledge revolution and profit from it.

I want to help change the world and I want to be part of something that matters.

I want know that the little things I do each day, month and year, will add up to be part of something bigger.

I want to be part of something powerful.

I'm driven. don't lust for money or power. Instead I strive for calm, happiness, fun and love. I want to have just enough to be grateful. Not so much that I become complacent.

I want others to have enough.

I want to be constantly reminded that too many people in this world don't have food, water, shelter or work. I want to be engaged with causes that not only remind me of this. Ones that inspire me to act and to make a difference.

Too many people, in too many countries, are increasingly politically apathetic. But can you blame anyone, when our needs, opinions and ideas are barely considered by the governments elected to represent us?