FXCM Launches New Pricing Model Offering Raw Forex Spreads On Average Reduces Trading Cost by 50% on Top 14 Currency Pairs Implements Tighter Spreads and Commission Pricing to be more Competitive and Transparent | Business Wire


Inc. (NYSE:FXCM), a leading online provider of foreign exchange

trading and related services worldwide, today announced that its US

subsidiary Forex Capital Markets LLC (“FXCM US”) has introduced a new

retail FX pricing model. FXCM US platforms will now display raw spreads

and mark-ups previously included in the spread will be separately

displayed as a commision*. As part of this introduction, FXCM also

reduced client trading costs.

“we're excited to offer raw spreads with no mark-ups on all currency

pairs as it'll provide clients with a superior and transparent Forex

trading experience,” said Drew Niv, CEO of FXCM Inc. “As part of FXCM’s

commitment to its clients, we're taking pricing and broker service

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transparency to a new level and bringing greater opportunities to


The FXCM platforms will now display raw spreads from one of our 15

different liquidity providers streaming prices into the FXCM no dealing

desk execution system. “On average we reduced trading cost on the top 14

currency pairs by 50%,” added Mr. Niv.

FXCM’s new pricing model allows traders to easily scalp the market,

while providing increased execution benefits to stop and limit orders.

Furthermore, FXCM clients will continue to benefit from no re-quotes**,

fast, efficient and transparent execution, with no restrictions, along

with a comprehensive suite of educational services through DailyFX.com




Old Spreads

New Raw Spreads

Commission/10K Order

Total Reduction with New Model
















1 Listed spreads and commisions won't apply to some customer

accounts due to their relationship with certain intermediaries