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DUBLIN–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Research and Markets has announced the addition of the “Global

Collaborative Robotics Market Outlook 2025” report to their


Global Collaborative Robotics Market Outlook 2025 provides an in-depth

study of the current state of new generation collaborative robotics

market. These robots have successfully stretched the boundaries of

robotic automation and changed our preconceived notion of robots by

working side-by-side of humans.

The report provides a basic overview of the collaborative robots with

type of existent collaborative applications. It also provides specific

Robots Are the New Guinea Pigs for Dental Students

Seated within the dentist chair, mouth wide open, with fingers clenching the arms of the chair, while the dentist pokes and prods is something that all of us have undergone at 1 time or the other. Whilst this is really a bad enough experience, what could be even worse is beginners trying to develop skills by utilizing individuals as guinea pigs.
Japan, a country, which breathes and thrives on innovation, seems to have an answer for even this. A new guinea pig, in the guise of a robot, will be the new dummy patient that permits dental students to perform on a life-like patient, which wriggles and squirms and squeals, without having to actually work on a real human becoming, thus providing relief to the tormented and the tormentor.
Realizing that medical ability and ability has its initial roots in failures, a collaborative team, consisting of researchers from Showa and Waseda Universities, a Southern Japanese developer; and a leader in humanoid production, Atsuo Takanishi, created a robot with human-like characteristics.
Figuring that persons would only understand from their failures, staff and students at Showa University have been practicing on the humanoid and have apparently benefited by the experience. More than 80 students have already used the robot and many more are expectantly awaiting their chance to have a go with Hanako, as the robot was called.
Utilizing a robot for a patient, instead of a human being, had quite a few advantages, the main one being that it allowed dental and orthodontic students to make many mistakes, from which they could understand.
Hanako is for all practical purposes just like a human being. She conveys her discomfort when prodded and poked too tough or in the wrong spot, expresses her pain in appreciable measure, and in fact is able to even roll her...

details on leading collaborative robots available in the market.

The report provides with prudent market analysis of the collaborative

robotics market both in terms of value and volume. Furthermore, detailed

analysis of leading robotics markets such as the United States, China,

Japan, South Korea and Germany are provided in the report.

Trends and development prevailing in the industry and major market

dynamics those driving and inhibiting industry’s growth has also been

elaborated in the report. In addition to this, descriptive analysis of

targeted application of various collaborative robots with their

specifications also features in the report.

The report highlights key players operating in the robotics industry.

These include Universal Robots A/S, Rethink Robotics, ABB Group and

Fanuc Corporation.

Key Topics Covered:

1. Executive Summary

2. Research Methodology

3. Research Methodology

4. Introduction

5. Global Collaborative Robot Market Analysis

6. Global Collaborative Robot Market-Country Analysis

7. Global Collaborative Robotics Market Dynamics

8. Competitive Landscape

9. Company Profiles

–. ABB Group

–. Fanuc Corporation

–. Rethink Robotics

–. Universal Robots A/S

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