Healthgrades Introduces CareChats™ to Enable Automated Patient-Provider Communication Between Visits | Business Wire


the leading online resource for information about physicians and

hospitals, today introduced Healthgrades CareChatsTM, a

digital solution that allows patients and providers to communicate

between visits.

The new offering, created in partnership with Conversa, provides

hospitals and providers the ability to engage and support patients using

text and email messaging, in a cutting-edge chatbot conversational

experience. CareChatsTM initiates conversations with enrolled

patients about their condition management, provides encouragement and

education, sets health goals and tracks progress. At launch, CareChatsTM

are available for chronic condition management, pre and post-surgery,

lifestyle health coaching and personal development. Year-long

conversations were created by professional writers and reviewed by

physicians to ensure a conversational tone and clinical relevance.

CareChatsTM integrates seamlessly with the Healthgrades

CRM platform, giving hospitals and health systems the data insights

to connect with and interact with patients most likely to benefit from

using this technology. It also engages providers automatically when

intervention is required and encourages patients to book

an appointment online or call the office directly.

“Most consumers see their doctor a few times per year. Between these

visits, a lot of life happens,” said Brad Bowman, MD, Chief Medical

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Officer, Healthgrades. “Communicating with patients between visits

really gives providers a glimpse into their lives–. About who they're,

where they live. How they live. CareChatsTM is a

significant step forward in clinical communication that'll help better

educate, engage, support and motivate patients to achieve better health,

using a conversational approach.”

Hospitals take advantage of CareChatsTM

to communicate with patients

Several leading hospitals and health systems across the country have

already enabled CareChatsTM through Healthgrades.

In one pilot program, Ochsner identified patients who'd uncontrolled

hypertension and trained primary care physicians at their system to

“prescribe” CareChatsTM to these patients. Participants

logged into their secure Ochsner patient portal to begin using CareChatsTM.

In real time, CareChatsTM gave patients the option to pull in

their personal medical information to tailor their conversation.

“Patients are avoiding unnecessary and time consuming visits.

participation in this program has a natural incentive,” said Rich

Milani, MD, Chief Transformation Officer, Ochsner Health System. “We're

pleased to work with Healthgrades to enable this technology, which is

valuable to patients and to our system as a whole. Has given us the

ability to build even stronger relationships with our patients.”

A program developed by Penrose St. Francis Health Services in Colorado

Springs, Colo., which has been named one of America’s 50 Best Hospitals

for 10 consecutive years, also uses CareChatsTM to engage

with patients, in a pilot the system designed in 2016 as a digital

health coach.

“Consumers are demanding improved health outcomes, increased service,

and convenience. With new digital communication tools, we can provide

members with a meaningful experience that helps improve health behaviors

via a platform they’re increasingly comfortable with,” said Margaret

Sabin, President and CEO, Penrose-St. Francis Health Services.

Citrus Valley Health Partners also uses CareChatsTM as

another important tool in their efforts to improve patient outcomes by

engaging patients on a consistent and timely basis. CareChatsTM

has been an essential component in their efforts to meet requirements

for the Centers for Medicare &. Medicaid Services (CMS) bundled payment

program for both total hip and total knee replacements.

“We're excited to partner with Healthgrades and see so many leading

health systems using The Conversa Conversation PlatformTM to improve

the provider –. Patient relationship,” said West Shell III, Co-founder,

CEO, Conversa. “Utilizing sophisticated logic and intelligent patient

profiling technology, Conversa systematically helps organizations

monitor, communicate and manage patient populations more efficiently

than ever before. Based on the market’s feedback, it’s become clear that

Healthgrades and Conversa are at the center of transforming how patients

and care teams communicate.”

Learn more about how hospitals

partner with Healthgrades.

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