How Brand Advocacy Marketing Can Increase Your Profit!

Social selling is when social media is used to sell directly to the consumers. Social media helps in increasing brand visibility and direct interaction with the prospects. Such selling practice reduces the steps in the sales cycle making it a more efficient sales practice. Quality content can help in effective brand advocacy marketing and selling.

Josh Zerkel, Evernote says,

“When it comes to sales and marketing, I think it's helpful to make sure there's an open channel of communication so that collaboration can occur.”.

Advocacy marketing is an efficient tool to keep employees emotionally connected and target the appropriate audience to promote the brand content on social media. As Kristin Kaufman –. The founder of Alignment, a leading business coaching and consulting house has rightly said, “Success comes from within.”.

Employees who are already a part of your organisation can boost your market visibility with minimal efforts. Here's how employee advocacy marketing can increase your profit:

1. Cost Effective Social Visibility