How Do I Receive Free Products to Review?

When purchasing online, most people would base their purchasing decision on the item's reviews. Why? Unlike in a store where you can actually take a look at the product, there's nothing to inspect when you're buying through the internet. There's no way of knowing if the sizs are really what the sellercaompany says they're. Whether what you're buying performs as it should. Reviews are written by people who actually got to use the product –. Whether they bought it or was given as a free sample by the company for that person to test.

USCBP Now Performs Joint Customs Inspections in Tijuana

Under a recently initiated pilot program, agents from the US and Mexico are now performing joint customs inspections in Tijuana.

Since the signing of the NAFTA in 1994, trade between the United States and Mexico has multiplied by a factor of five. This increase in the volume of commerce between the two nations has prompted both public parties and private entities on both sides of the border to devise ways to speed up the pace of cross-border commerce. One such measure that has been implemented to further this goal is to allow for each country to position its customs agents close to the border, and within the national territory of the other in a joint effort to accelerate trade flows. This arrangement is currently in process, and is taking the form of a second pilot program at the US-Mexico border Otay Mesa Port of Entry. Operations began in mid-January of 2016. USCBP now performs customs inspections in Tijuana.

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