How Surveys Are Improving The Hotel Guest Experience

Hoteliers are well aware that travelers refer to ratings and reviews, before making their stay bookings.

Thus, hotels solicit hotel customer feedback to get even more targeted knowledge about their guests likes/dislikes and preferences. To achieve this stage, we need to insure that we get the maximum number of reviews.

So, what's it that we can do to gather the maximum number of as true as possible reviews?

For this, it's advisable that you ask for reviews and send surveys to your guests immediately after their stay in your property or may be during the stay/before stay itself i.e. both guest pre-arrival and post-stay surveys. Probability of responding to the survey is highest when the visit is recent and stay experience fresh in the minds of guests.

Hotels are increasingly relying on technology solutions for online reputation management and guest review management. Hotels use data from these survey responses to formulate strategies for a more effective business functioning, create targeted marketing strategies. Enhance customer service.

Hoteliers can now make their guest respond to surveys designed on major KPIs and edit their hotel guest survey questions for their hotel, send hotel guest satisfaction forms and surveys to their selected email list.

Such popular survey tools for the hotel industry make it easy for hotel staff to send, collect and analyse these survey results. Moreover, using them for their benefit and making improvements in their hotel services.

Such advanced tools not only allow hoteliers to design their own guest feedback survey, send it to their guest email list, set reminders. Also respond to these reviews in the prefered language.