How to Become a RES in Singapore?

What's a RES?

A RES is a real estate salesperson. It's often called a real estate broker or a real estate agent. The mission and function of a RES is to establish contact, i.e. work as an intermediary between existing real estate buyers and real estate sellers (property owners). Also, a real estate brokers'. Task is to find sellers willing to sell and buyers willing to buy. A RES has a fiduciary relationship with his or her clients. Meaning, in theory, a relationship of trust. In practice, it means that a fiduciary takes care of money for another person. That's what a online RES Course Singapore does for his or her client. In a nutshell, the main purpose of a RES is to assist sellers in introducing their estate to potentional buyers and selling it under the best terms for the highest possible price. In contrast, when they function as the buyer's assistants, their purpose is to help the buyers purchase a property –. Again, under the best terms. For the lowest possible price.

How to become a RES?

California Real Estate Commissioner Issues Short Sale Consumer Alert | Business Wire

SACRAMENTO, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--The California Real Estate Commissioner, Jeff Davi, announced the issuance of a Consumer Alert by the California Department of Real Estate (DRE) warning consumers and real estate agents about the perils and potential pitfalls of short sales. The alert has been posted on DRE’s Web site at:

“The number of short sales is on the rise and many consumers do not understand the consequences of such a transaction,” DRE Commissioner Jeff Davi said. “Moreover, the Consumer Alert educates consumers and real estate agents to recognize the elements of a fraudulent or questionable deal.”

To put it simply, a short sale transaction involves the sale of a property wherein a seller receives an offer from a buyer that is less than the amount of the mortgage loan(s) on the property. In order to complete the sale, the seller requests the lender to accept less than what is owed in order to allow the transaction to close. While short sales are a popular alternative to foreclosure, like all real estate transactions, they are complicated and sellers need to lookout for the pitfalls....