Interactive Brokers Launches New Investors’ Marketplace | Business Wire

GREENWICH, Conn.–()–Interactive Brokers Group, Inc. (NASDAQ GS:IBKR) is pleased to announce

the launch of the Investors’ Marketplace, a groundbreaking online

service where traders and investors, financial advisors, fund managers,

research analysts, technology providers, business developers and

administrators can meet and do business together.


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The Investors’ Marketplace allows participants to search for a wide

variety of investment and other third-party service providers.

advertize their services to individual and institutional investors

around the world. To advertize their services, advisors, money managers,

hedge funds and brokers must've an account at IB. Other third-party

service providers, such as compliance, legal and administrative firms,

can list without an IB trading account.

The Investors’ Marketplace has grown significantly since its beta launch

earlier this year. The Marketplace now lists more than 300 advisors,

brokers, money managers and hedge funds, upwards of 120 research

providers, 75 administrative service providers and 295 participating

technology providers.

The table below shows the variety of investment and other third-party

services available in the marketplace.


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Business Development





Software Vendors




Advertising Firms

Hedge Funds


Education &. Coaches


Programming Consultants


Auditing Firms


Business Analysts

Money Managers


News Feeds




Compliance Firms





Trading Publications




Legal Firms


Corporate Access Providers







Tax Firms