Kalador Distributes Binary Graffitti Mobile Phone Games

Brentwood Bay, Canada (PRWEB) May 3, 2006

Binary Graffitti, an innovative U.K. mobile phone game developer, will see their top mobile phone games distributed over Kalador’s global sales channels. Java games such as Fire Shark, Diamond Hunter, Chibi Poker. Chaos Realms will be featured. Kalador, founded in 2000, is a Canadian publisher and distributor of mobile phone games and entertainment software.

Kalador welcomes Binary Graffitti to the Kalador Developer Program, where developers leverage Kalador’s global sales distribution to maximum revenue potential and concentrate on developing great games. “Binary Graffitti has a refreshing and clean graphic design, making their games distinctive and pleasing to the eye,”. Said Frank Owens, Business Manager, Developer Accounts. “I'm glad to be working with this company and look forward to a fruitful business relationship.”

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“Kalador not only provides access to carriers, wireless portals. Storefronts, we deliver opportunity,”. Said Kalador president and CEO Richard Mosher. “Because of our close association with these sales channels, we're often asked about specific promotional opportunities and products to fill gaps in their content portfolios. We work closely with developers like Binary Graffitti to satisfy those customer requirements to everyone’s mutual gain.”

Managing multiple customers across countries and timezones with varying billing systems, revenue models. Distribution cycles is a difficult task Kalador makes easy for its content partners. The Kalador Developer Program provides tools and services to the developer so they know which games are selling, where games are selling. Which handsets they're selling to. Furthermore, which Kalador’s comprehensive content management system, developers can easily upload bug fixes and track content versions across various content ports, multiple languages. Multiple customers. The strategy is to enable developers to concentrate on developing quality games.

About Binary Graffitti:

Binary Graffitti was founded with one intention –. To bring high quality, addictive, innovative games to a wide variety of mobile platforms. We believe that mobile games should be –. Can be –. As compelling as any games you'll find on PC, console or portable systems.

About Kalador:

Founded in May 2000, Kalador is a global distributor of mobile phone games and entertainment software. Working with the world's best content developers, publishers. Brand license owners, Kalador provides handset manufacturers, network operators, wireless carriers, mobile portals and storefronts, retail outlets. Specialty channels with premium content and brands for their customers. Content providers and developers are encouraged to join our program –. Details are provided at http://www.kalador.com/developer. For more information about Kalador visit our website at http://www.kalador.com.