Kymeta Receives Commercial Authorization from FCC and Ofcom | Business Wire

REDMOND, Wash.–()–Kymeta Corporation has received blanket authorization from the FCC for

commercial distribution of 11,000 of its KyWay™ terminals in the United

States. This is the first-ever blanket license issued by the FCC for an

NASTF Session at AAPEX to Spotlight OEM Service Information for Technicians | Business Wire

LAS VEGAS--(BUSINESS WIRE)--The National Automotive Service Task Force (NASTF) will kick off its Fall 2017 General Meeting at AAPEX on Wednesday, Nov. 1, with a presentation to emphasize the value of OEM technical information websites for technicians working outside franchised dealerships. AAPEX represents the $740 billion global automotive aftermarket industry and is held annually at the Sands Expo in Las Vegas.

The session, “The Most Underused OEM Service Info Resources,” will familiarize attendees with the 40 light vehicle and heavy duty OEMs that provide service information resources for access by technicians outside their franchise dealership. It will help independent technicians realize the full value of information provided on any one of the OEM technical information websites.

The meeting also will feature two additional sessions. During “TechForce Foundation is on the Road to GREAT Techs,” attendees will learn about a coordinated solution for the long-debated shortage of qualified technicians. This session will accelerate the industry on the road to recruiting young adults into the technician profession, developing them into great technicians and keeping them with a lifetime of opportunities....

electronically-steered, beam-forming flat panel antenna terminal, a

significant milestone for the satellite communications industry

at-large. It's also the first-ever blanket license issued by the FCC

What is Hormone Replacement Therapy?

Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) is a medical treatment that combines estrogen and progestin to restore the premenopausal levels of estrogen. Hormone replacement therapy is prescribed for protection against osteoporosis and heart disease, and relief of menopausal symptoms.


It has been well documented for several decades that Hormone replacement therapy is the most effective remedy for the hot flashes and sleep disturbances that often accompany menopause Hormone replacement therapy has also consistently been shown to decrease vaginal discomfort by increasing the thickness, elasticity, and lubricating ability of vaginal tissue. Urinary tract tissue also becomes thicker and more elastic, reducing the incidence of stress incontinence and urinary tract infections.

Some women and their doctors report that Hormone replacement therapy can be helpful in relieving the depression and mood swings that may occur during menopause and can produce a general sense of well-being and increased energy. Also, some find that Hormone replacement therapy increases skin thickness and elasticity, decreasing the appearance of wrinkles. While Hormone replacement therapy was used initially to reduce the discomfort from short-term menopausal symptoms, recent studies provide evidence that it may also reduce some of the negative long-term health effects of menopause. Scientists are continuing to gather information to define the potential benefits from Hormone replacement therapy and to identify the women for whom it may be most useful. Further research will also be needed to show when Hormone replacement therapy should be started and how long it should be continued to achieve the greatest benefits.


While Hormone replacement therapy has potential benefits, it also can have drawbacks. Some of the side-effects of Hormone replacement therapy are: vaginal bleeding, breast pain, nausea, cramping, headaches, fluid retention, vaginal discharge, depression, irritability, weight gain and bloating. A few months adjustment period is often necessary for women beginning this therapy....

for any vehicle-mounted earth station terminal. Kymeta also received an

indefinite-term, unlimited installation commercial license from the UK

regulatory agency, Ofcom. Kymeta KyWay terminals will be available under

these licenses for land mobile, maritime. Fixed IoT applications.


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