List of Legitimate Work from Home Jobs for Moms

Women, who take a break from their satisfactory career to raise a family, may find it difficult to get absorbed into the labor force with the same ease as before. Part of this difficulty stems on account of the flexibility desired by them both in terms of the duration of the job and the workplace. Although some jobs allow telecommuting, physical presence may be a must for a few others. Thus, nowadays, such jobs have assumed a great deal of significance.

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The Jobs

Niche Newsletter

Starting a niche newsletter may be a good idea for women who are interested in communicating with other like-minded ladies. There are two ways of earning from a newsletter. Offering monthly or yearly subscriptions is one way and the other way is by allowing people to advertize heavily in the newsletter. A number of ready-made newsletter templates are available on the Internet. One may choose to use these templates or create a newsletter from the scratch.

Freelance Writing

This may be a good option for those who are interested in pursuing a career as a writer. Women can take up freelance writing and indulge their creative instincts by being imaginative. A freelance writer can bid for jobs and can offer to work at a really low rate. On establishing one’s credibility as a good writer, it may be possible to demand a remuneration that's becoming of a writer. In order to bid for jobs, one would've to register with a website that brings together contractors and companies requiring the services of the former. Although registration is free, freelancers have to pay a percentage of the money to the aforementioned website for providing them with a connecting platform.

Weight-loss Coach

A certified nutritionist can work as a weight-loss coach. Can help women lose excess calories by designing a suitable nutrition program. A woman who's worked as a fitness trainer and a nutritionist, will have the necessary skills to work as a weight loss coach. A coach should've liability insurance to ensure that she isn't held liable for any injury caused to the client on account of the suggested program.

Cleaning Service

Women who pride themselves on maintaining a spic-and-span home, can start a cleaning service that offers to clean both commercial and residential apartments. Professional cleaners can provide round the clock service, since commercial establishments are cleaned in the evenings after office hours, while homes are usually cleaned during the day.

Online Surveys

Online surveys can be a wonderful source of supplementary income for people who are interested in filling out questionnaires and participating in surveys. They're conducted by market research companies on behalf of clients, who are interested in knowing more about the demand for their product. Sometimes, they may also be undertaken for the sake of assessing demand for a proposed product or service. One must bear in mind that these surveys don't pay a great deal of money.