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New Data Exchange Application from Dexter + Chaney Streamlines Business Processes and Data Management | Business Wire

SEATTLE--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Construction software provider Dexter + Chaney (www.dexterchaney.com) announces the release of Spectrum Data Exchange (SDX), a secure, quick and easy way to transfer data into the company’s Spectrum construction management software. SDX takes advantage of the web services that are available with the latest cloud-based release of Spectrum version 14.

With SDX, Dexter + Chaney clients can automate the import of data from multiple sources, including other applications. SDX dramatically reduces the amount of time consuming, repetitive data entry that is associated with many tasks such as time entry, invoice processing, and inventory management. "Our goal with Spectrum is to make it the most accessible and easiest-to-use construction software available," said John Chaney, president and co-founder. "After investing in the research and development necessary to transform Spectrum into a true web-based product, SDX was the next logical step."

SDX provides a library of user-friendly templates that contractors can use as-is or modify to bring information into Spectrum from other sources, including other software applications. SDX comes with a Microsoft Excel® add-in...