Marketing Strategies in the Global Market

The translation of advertising or any type of marketing material is so complex that even big global companies can get it wrong. Marketing translations require special sensitivity and a deep understanding of the target audience. Need to be able to integrate symbolism, metaphors and emotional intelligence as a part of an appealing and sharp marketing concept. It's essential for your translated documents to effectively convey your message to your audience.

Advertising translation is the means of communication for a company exporting its products. It requires a lot of research and testing to work out a brand or an advertising campaign that suits the target location. It's not just about translating content and tag lines. You need to adapt the whole advertising concept, taking into consideration the cultural context of the target country including the sociocultural and politico-legal components. The first of these involves cultural attitudes and purchasing habits, while the second component is about the specific legislation that affects commercial promotion and the particularities of specific political systems. Localization of advertising campaigns should be done by translators that are familiar with both components. Their considerations and suggestions should be based on empiric observations rather that preconceptions.

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