Massage Marketing The Disney Way

Do you know who Ray Kroc is?

I know you know who Walt Disney is.

Well, both of those guys are quoted as teaching a very important business building &. Massage marketing lesson that you need to understand if you’re ever going to create a super-successful massage practice.

It’s amazing how this one unique way both Ray Kroc and Walt looked at their businesses had such a gigantic impact on their success and profitability.

But it did. And it can for you as well.

(Just in case you don’t know, Ray Kroc is the guy who's responsible for the gigantic success of McDonald’s.)

Ironically, I believe I experienced this lesson and *unique way* of running a business firsthand last week.

Let me explain…

Vendor Comparison in Customer Self-Service Software 2017: DIVE Matrix – Research and Markets | Business Wire

DUBLIN--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Research and Markets has announced the addition of the "Vendor Comparison in Customer Self-Service Software 2017: DIVE Matrix" report to their offering.

Customer self-service software is a combination of customer and service interaction solutions, which are intended to empower customers to provision themselves. Customer self-service solutions consist of Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems, mobile self-service, virtual assistants, and e-support (web-based). These solutions empower end-users to perform tasks or access data on their own, without the help of any customer service agent. End-users can avail the service 24/7/365. Customer self-service is a subsegment of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and is also used for Employee Relationship Management (ERM).

Enhancing the customer service through self-service tools empower the companies to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty, thus gaining a competitive advantage and decreasing the churn out rate. Furthermore, the innovative approach of sales and marketing has helped the companies to increase their customer touch points such as promotional events, websites, questionnaires, and mail delivery. These factors can also be considered as driving factors for the...

The very next day after the moving company had dropped our stuff off in Florida, we left for a little family vacation to Club Med in Port St. Lucie.

And, I’ve got to tell you…. The service there from everyone on staff was just incredible.

I’m talking the best customer service I’ve ever experienced anywhere. And, I’ve been to some of the best hotels around.

(FYI: excellent customer service is *NOT* the big unique business lesson. Hang tight.)

I could tell immediately that the bigwigs running Club Med looked at customer service and care very differently from most vacation destinations.

For me personally, I’d now recommend Club Med to anyone. Largely because of the caring staff.

Talk about marketing, right!

I mean, think about it.

I just said I’d recommend Club Med largely because of the caring staff. Meanwhile, most people don’t plan a vacation based on the quality of the staff at their destination.

But, this one aspect of my experience at Club Med was so good, now I’ll be talking about it to other people (word of mouth).

Customer service training: Navy Exchange System sees success.

In 2010, the Navy Exchange System rolled out a new training

program, the PREMIER Customer Service Suite of Learning Tools, to nearly

14,000 associates worldwide. The training was created to stress the

importance of good customer service every time an associate interacts

with a customer.

PREMIER is an acronym that stands for one customer service


* Personal Connection - Get to Know Them

* Relationships - Keep Your Promises

* Enhancement - Go the Extra Mile

* Memorable - Keep Them Coming Back

* Individual Care - It's All About Them

* Empowerment - Make It Happen

* Risk-Taking - Take a Chance

The PREMIER Customer Service suite consists of four training

modules: PREMIER Customer Service, Manager Observation and Feedback,

Making It Right (Problem Resolution) and PREMIER Selling Skills. All

associates go through the first module; specialty sales associates, such

as those who work in fine jewelry, go through PREMIER Selling Skills;

and managers and supervisors go through Manager Observation and Feedback

and Making It Right. Each associate receives a printed workbook with

their notes from the class as a reference tool. These workbooks are

being translated into different languages as well to ensure everyone can

benefit from the training.

"The purpose of each module is to help participants think

about how a system, program or process can be used to promote that

skill," explained Sherry Palihan, NEXCOM Human Resources Organization Development and Training specialist. "Enhancement, for

example, encourages the associate to 'Go the Extra Mile.' NEX programs, such as our Keep It New warranty program or our NEX Gift

cards, are reviewed and introduced to support the associate's

efforts to provide the customer with more than just the purchase of a


The PREMIER Customer Service training was internally developed and

customized for the Navy Exchange System. The program combines

fundamental customer service skills such as smiling and making eye

contact along with NEX specific programs and policies. Under Personal

Connection, for example, associates learn about authorized patrons and

how to identify...

You see, I believe the head honchos at Club Med understand the same thing Ray Kroc and Walt Disney understood…

Massage marketing doesn’t just consist of the brochures, flyers, small space ads. Direct mail letters you use to build your practice.

Massage marketing is more than that.

Massage Marketing includes setting up everything properly that your clients and prospective clients could remember your services for.

For Ray Kroc it was the bathrooms at McDonald’s.

Mr. Kroc appropriately defined clean bathrooms as marketing.

Walt defined clean streets at Disney the same way.

They didn’t see clean bathrooms and clean streets as a necessary operational expense.


They both understood the concept of Critical Non- Essentials (CNE) within massage marketing.

5 Business Building Benefits of Article Marketing

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Building a recognizable brand when marketing online can give you a huge advantage being it helps you stand out from the competition. The most effective way to establish a brand is by taking consistent and repeated actions that reinforce the image you are trying to develop. Writing articles is perfect for this because like branding...

CNE are all the things your clients will remember about your massage services that *AREN’T* your massage services.

It’s everything that could create positive or negative word of mouth advertising for you, that ISN’T the actual bodywork they receive from you.

It’s the…

Practice decor Customer service Music Bathrooms Scheduling process Contacts from you Collateral material Staff uniform Etc.

Think about it…

Each and every one of those things could create great or horrible word of mouth buzz for you, regardless of how great your bodywork services actually are.

That’s why they’re all referred to as critical non- essentials.

They’re not essential to practice. They’re critical for your success.

And, when addressed *properly*, you can very easily use your critical non-essentials to differentiate your massage marketing and massage practice from all the others out there. Reap MASSIVE rewards.

The key is doing it properly.