Millionaire Secrets – Your Value Determines Your Income

There are a lot of people in this world, who are making few millions each month. There are also people who are making only few hundreds each month. There are so many examples of those young people making few millions each year out there. Some people who have MBA degrees, graduated from Harvard. Their income is much more lower than some people. What makes them so different from others? What determines their income? The answer is obviously the value.

Why's value so much powerful and it determines some one’s income? To be able to answer this, you'll need to understand what's value and how you can increase your value so that you can increase your income. This is what I’ve learn from Adam Khoo. A person’s income is determined by the amount of value he or she created multiplied by the time he or she spends creating value multiplied by the scalability factor. To make it simple :

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U.S. Parachute Association Announces May is “Learn to Skydive Month” | Business Wire

FREDERICKSBURG, Va.--( (USPA) has proclaimed May as “Learn to Skydive Month.”

Each year, more than half a million people enjoy the life-changing experience of jumping out of an airplane for the first time. Now, skydiving centers are making it easy for beginners to learn all about the sport and what it takes to make that first leap – with free ground training.

“Learn to Skydive for Free” classes will be hosted by participating skydiving centers throughout May. These classes include the ground-training portion of a first-jump course, the first step toward a solo skydive. U.S. Parachute Association-certified instructors will teach the courses, which include all the basics for jumping solo. Students will learn about equipment, aircraft, exiting, freefall, how to open and land a parachute, emergency procedures and more – at no cost! Those who then decide to take the leap of a lifetime can pay for the air portion of the jump and receive additional hands-on training before doing a solo or tandem skydive.

For the past decade, skydiving has continued to grow in...