MinuteHound Launches Time Tracking Solutions For Doctors' Offices

New York, NY (PRWEB) February 14, 2013

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Physician and dental practices employ skilled people who utilize the best tools and most efficient processes to deliver quality patient care. Compliance with government healthcare regulations, insurance requirements. Labor laws, must all be carefully managed.

Business Managers: Stop Wasting Hours a Month Preparing Sales Commission Statements

Bellevue, WA (PRWEB) March 15, 2011

Monitoring, calculating and paying sales commissions is a key job responsibility for many business managers. Thanks to a number of great tools such as Microsoft Excel this task is relatively easy to perform. However, at the end of every pay period each business manager has to endure the time wasting process of copy/paste to create individual sales commission statement for their sales representatives, management and payroll. Like every manual process, it is prone to error and wastes hours that are better spent elsewhere.

To solve this problem Nirvaha has released OneClick Commissions, the cloud based web application designed specifically to create professional looking sales commission statements from Excel commission spreadsheets.

Using OneClick Commissions, business managers use their existing Excel commission tracking spreadsheet and quickly create statements for individual sales representatives, for specific regions, product lines, or other categories. OneClick Commissions quickly creates individual PDF files with only the selected details. A click of a mouse and these statements are sent to each recipient in moments.

According to Tom Brubaker, EVP of Sales and Product Management at Nirvaha, "We've seen tremendous demand for Nirvaha's technology and wanted to extend our product portfolio to include a web based application that meets the needs of the small and medium size business manager who wastes hours every month on the relatively mundane, yet important task of producing sales commission statements.”

Interested companies can take advantage of the OneClick Commission free trial and see how easy it is to take a complex Excel sales commission spreadsheet and quickly create statements for sales representatives, payroll and management. Distribution and printing of these statements is done in seconds without further copy/paste.

About OneClick Commissions

OneClick Commissions, created by Nirvaha is an online sales commission statement service that generates reports and statements for management,...

Controlling administrative costs is a major responsibility for doctors and business managers. MinuteHound has developed a state-of-the-art time and attendance tracking system that aids healthcare operators in reducing cost, eliminating time theft. Which provides valuable reports to maximize staff productivity.

This patented biometric time clock, along with the included cloud based attendance software, allows healthcare staff to sign-in and out with just a swipe of their finger. The fingerprint scanner instantly updates the software and posts the results on a web portal. No more expensive time clocks, time consuming manual entries, costly administrative errors. Exposure to time theft.

Healthcare providers using MinuteHound confirm payroll cost reductions of 2 to 8 percent. In fact, most practices realize a 2,300 percent return on their MinuteHound investment!

The MinuteHound solution is as easy to set up as it's to use. The biometric time clock is plugged into the USB port of any computer. Following installation, the time clock software is downloaded and employes are enrolled. MinuteHound prides itself on being user-friendly and highly efficient. The MinuteHound web-based portal gives managers a powerful set of analysis tools to query, sort, format. Print their staffing information.

State Street Enhances Risk Management Platform with Factor-Risk Modelling and Data from more than 4,000 ETFs | Business Wire

BOSTON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--State Street Corporation (NYSE: STT) today announced that it will work with Northfield Information Services (Northfield), a provider of financial risk models and analytical tools, and Morningstar, Inc., a leading provider of independent investment research, to enhance its truView® Risk Management Platform. truView provides an online, end-to-end risk solution with broad multi-asset class coverage that includes data collection, exception handling and calculating of risk results.

“As it has become more difficult to anticipate market movements based on events, factor risk modelling has emerged as a popular method for calculating portfolio risk,” said Mark McKeon, global head of product, State Street Global Exchange. “When evaluating risk and performance, factor risk modelling offers our clients a more insightful view of how market forces may influence their portfolio, and as a result, the ability to better and more quickly manage their investments as necessary.”

State Street will integrate Northfield’s risk factor tools into its truView platform, including risk factor decomposition; its “Everything Everywhere” multi-asset class risk model; and its “optimizer”, a risk...

The small business time clock software provides management with all the real-time tools they need to record, view. Produce formatted reports. From MinuteHound's portal, administrators can obtain staffing information, check on status, setup alerts. Much more. The software is the most powerful in the industry and gives management the flexibility to view their staffing information online at any time from anywhere.

Customers receive regular software updates featuring enhanced features and functions. These updates come standard and ensure cutting-edge performance without additional cost.

MinuteHound doesn't require a long term contract. I/T staff aren't needed to install or operate this advanced technology. The expert U.S. based MinuteHound support team is available to answer questions and provide suggestions. MinuteHound eliminates the hassles, stresses. Fears associated with employe time and attendance.

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