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Chamba Rumal-an Embroidered Miniature Painting Handicraft Of Himachal

People of Himachal Pradesh have developed through the years, a rich tradition of handicrafts. People of this state are contained, simple and hardworking. Himachal Pradesh is famous for its traditional folk craft, woodwork, metal wares, carpets, woolen textile and leather embroidery.The people of Himachal Pradesh continue to practice their age-old skills of handicrafts even today and come up with some of the best pieces of art and craft that have worldwide acclamation.
Among the Handicraft in Himachal Pradesh, embroidery is an important aspect practiced by the womenfolk.
The embroidery art form of the Chamba known as Chamba rumal originated and flourished in the erstwhile princely hill states of Chamba, Kangra, Basholi and nearby states which are not a part of Himachal Pradesh. Though practised throughout this region, the craft came to be associated specifically with Chamba owing to the patronage given by the rulers of the area as well as to the quality of its craftsmanship. The artistic style of the Pahari miniature paintings which was influenced by Mughal Miniatures, was reflected in the rumals which flourished in the 18th and 19th centuries. The embroidery on the rumal is the image of a miniature painting on fabric. Dr. Stella Kramrish observed that Chamba rumals are like paintings translated into embroidery.
The big hankerchiefs called rumal of Chamba are famous and has always been a symbol of affection and good omen. They are presented at festivals and weddings. They are also used for wrapping ceremonious gifts exchanged between the bride and bridegroom's parties during marriages.
The designs of embroidery are mainly based on the Kangra and Chamba Schools of Paintings and can be dived into two major parts, namely, Rumal or Kashida Embroidery and Leather Embroidery. These designs depict the narratives of the Krishna legends and other themes and manifests the skilled use of...