New send: GCI Trading. Best Systematic Fraud online. Day: SEP28, 2007 #Redistr …

New send: GCI trading. Greatest Systematic Fraud online. Day: SEP28, 2007 #RedistribuciónDeRiqueza #Economía #Web

Stock Market Solutions Announces Branding of “Veri-trade”, the Jesse Livermore Digital Pre-Trade Filter/Indicator System | Business Wire
FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--April 30, 2003--Stock Market Solutions Inc. (SMKT) announced branding of "Veri-trade", The Jesse Livermore digital pre-trade filter/indicator system. A trading platform that provides an astonishingly reliable trading tool for the new millennium of global markets, 24-hour trading and sophisticated technological tools.

SMKT's founder, Richard Smitten, author of two best-selling books on Livermore, has researched and catalogued Livermore's uncanny stock-picking techniques. He has supplemented the original Livermore system with interviews with Livermore's family and with analysis using the enormous database and analytical capacities available through today's computer technology.

The Jesse Livermore system is now being software-encrypted as a proprietary system by SMKT into "Veri-trade". Veri-trade is an amalgamation of five pre-trade filters unique to the Livermore system. Two of the filters are macro-market indicators, two are stock specific and one is a timing filter. The system also uses unique proprietary indexes for price/volume, group action, momentum, a variety of moving averages and volatility.

Following 2 years of development and back testing for reliability, SMKT will offer Veri-trade as on-line, encrypted software by subscription beginning this summer. SMKT management believes that the system will change the way stocks and indexes are traded in the future for funds, swing-traders, day traders and in fact for all professionals in the market.

Human nature doesn't change. It drove the 1929 stock market hysteria up and down; it drove the Dow up 30% in 2000 and back down 30% in 2001 and it created billionaires overnight from tech stocks that are penniless today.

Beginning over 100 years ago, Jesse Livermore observed that stocks and stock markets act in a series of repetitive patterns. Through 45 years of market observation, he then developed a series of interpretive tools using secret formulas and equations that allowed him to predict the movement in stocks with uncanny reliability and to earn him...

How to Prevent and Protect Yourself from Online Fraud

If you have ever been victim of fraud before, then you know all too well how ugly it can be. The key to preventing fraud is to use common sense and investigate with all the information you have.
Preventing Fraud
They key to preventing fraud is to collect as much information as possible. While more information is generally better, there is such thing as too much information too. You don't want to go around collecting your clients' SSNs, as that probably would scare them away. A shopping cart, or some sort of ordering system is usually a good idea in keeping your customer data secure and easily findable.
Below we're going to break up the different techniques you can do with certain types of information.
IP Address
The best thing you can do with an IP address is figuring out the location of it. You can do this with or Sometimes an IP can be off by a few states or a few hundred miles at the most. But if the IP location is in a different country than your customer, then you may have a problem. From my experience, the IP is usually from an odd country. Generally IP is one of the most clear indicators, but it can be wrong.
Phone Number
With a phone number, you can do several things. The most obvious is figure out where the area code is. If this is a US phone number, you should be able just Google the area code and it will tell you the location of it. Be forewarned, that a lot of times people have an area code near them, but not necessarily in the same location. Then there are the oddballs who have a VoIP number or something similar on the other side of the country. You got to be very...