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Miami Beach, FL (PRWEB) September 21, 2006, the premier provider of sports data, information and analysis to the betting community, sat down today with Chester Hunter, CEO of online betting site, to discuss this weekend's NFL Football matchups in anticipation of's full NFL Football Game Previews, published today and throughout the rest of the week on the professional sports information portal's web site.

Hunter says he expects another record breaking weekend as far as betting volumes are concerned on his firm's web site. Lends an insight into what to look out for, as well as where the “public's”. Money is going.

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With at least three touchdown-sized points spreads this weekend, we asked Hunter for his opinion on three key games: New England -7 over Denver, Baltimore -7 over Cleveland. Detroit -7 over Green Bay.

“Last week was one to forget for most NFL offenses,”. Hunter began. “Eleven teams scored ten points or less. These squads have a lot to fix coming into week 3.”

According to Hunter, the Patriots have a score to settle with the Broncos. “Starting with the Broncos at Patriots, we've the Patriots at -7. These are two of the leading teams in the AFC …. I believe the Patriots will want some revenge for the couple of losses they'd in Denver last season. Broncos'. QB Plummer isn't playing well. I like the Patriots here. This is a game that's splitting the public pretty well. We're seeing just a bit more than half of the early bets being laid on the Patriots.”

Moving forward to the matchup between Baltimore, favored by a touchdown over Cleveland, CEO Thomas Jensen believes the Ravens have what it takes. “The Ravens are perfect thus far and I'm sure they intend to stay that way. The Browns are winless coming into week 3. Although some people would want to back them against the odds —. Betting on the end of their losing streak —. I'm going the other way. They're playing under incredible pressure. In the case of the Browns I see that as a deficit for them.”. The public strongly agrees with Jensen as well: “Sports Books are telling us that essentially 99 percent of the early action is coming in on Baltimore …. The public did well against the Books last year and early on, it's already looking like a positive year for players (bettors),”. Jensen said.

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Matchups like Baltimore and Cleveland should also serve to remind bettors to closely monitor betting odds, Jensen noted. “Although this game opened at -7 there are a lot of 6's out there now …. To me this seems to be an opinion on behalf of bookmakers trying to get heavy action on this (game). It's working,”. Jensen said, noting figures from sources reporting almost all of the early betting action favoring Baltimore. “Keep your eye on the live odds feed available free at —. We're likely to see corrections as the money starts coming in,”. Jensen notes.

Commenting on another touchdown-wide opening spread —. Detroit (-7) over Green Bay, Mr. Hunter of finished saying, “both of these teams need to win this game badly. The loser walks away winless in the start of the season. With two teams in the same position, I say the home-team favorite, Detroit -7 is the way to go and is a strong pick.”. The public doesn't seem so sure, however, with sources reporting that early wagers are nearly evenly split between these two teams. CEO Jensen ended the conversation by reminding the public that an educated bettor is a winning bettor: “be sure to check out our in-depth Game Previews for week 3, now available on the web site completely free of charge,”. Jensen said. “I'd also like to thank Mr. Hunter of for his time and insight,”. Jensen finished.

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