Optimize Your Pc By Using A Free Registry Scan

Each PC, which has Windows as its operating system, has a huge database that keeps on changing constantly. The database is the Windows registry. It holds all the important data as regards the operating system. It also includes data about the hardware attached to the computer and the software on the system. The operating system refers to the database, the Windows registry for every action you take on the computer. For example, if you want to open MS WORD, the computer will check with the computer’s Windows registry for start-up options etc.

Any PC operating on the Windows platform, after the version Windows 3.1 has a database where all the information of the computer is stored. This database is called the Window’s registry. You can also view it by typing the command REGEDIT in the RUN option of the Start menu. But don't change or edit anything unless you know about registry repair. You can see a number of keys on the left hand side of the registry. Each of these keys corresponds to the software and hardware you've on your computer. To the right side is the data that's related to the key. You may select a key and see the data. But understanding the data isn't as easy as it's in binary or hex format.

Microsoft Windows edits the registry keys, adds and removes keys while you're working on any application. Each time you add an software to your computer, the Windows operating system adds some keys to the registry that are later used by windows to know the different options, such as the start-up location, whether to start the program minimized or maximized or just anything. Sometimes the installation fails when you're installing. In such case, Windows doesn't remove the keys that were already created. These are called null keys or simply corrupt keys that lead to a corrupt registry.

Most uninstallers remove only the important data and leave all other references in the registry. This makes your registry corrupt. Another problem that you face with the registry is the duplicate entries that clash when Windows tries to parse the registry. Having two or more references, each pointing to a different direction causes your application to crash.

Usage of computer wherein you change the options in an application or the control panel also results in creation and partial deletion of keys. All these make your registry bigger, congested, fragmented and finally corrupt. A corrupt registry is the main problem behind a slow computer.

The only option left with a damaged registry will be to format and reinstall the Windows again. To prevent all this, you can get your system checked through a free registry scan that's available online on some websites. These websites have an active code that downloads itself on your computer partially and scans your computers’. Registry. Once the registry is scanned, it'll show you a report on the corrupt registry.

While some free registry scans only displays the errors, others help clean the system too. Once the registry is cleaned, you can experience the difference in the speed and performance of the computer. The computer becomes more faster and the applications don't hang, instead act fast than before. You need not think twice before purchasing the registry cleaner software from such sites as they've proven that they can fix the corrupt registry to optimise your system.

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