Origami Logic Unveils First Marketing Signal Measurement Platform | Business Wire


Logic announced the release of the industry’s first platform

designed to measure marketing signals. Marketing signals are generated

every time someone clicks, opens, likes, views, tweets, shares or

otherwise interacts with advertising and content. The Origami Logic

Marketing Signal Measurement Platform empowers companies to convert

massive streams of marketing signals into the actionable business

insights required to optimise multi-channel campaigns, every day.

“The CMOs of tomorrow, must know what happened today,” said Opher

Kahane, CEO and co-founder of Origami Logic. “The holy grail of

marketing is the ability to know with speed and precision what works and

what doesn’t. Most marketers still can’t determine the results of their

daily marketing campaigns.”

“We were challenged with 500+ digital accounts across multiple

platforms. Gaining visibility and actionable insights wasn't only a

manual, time consuming process. Also the delay in reporting kept us

from making strategic course corrections in real time,” said Kevin

Scott, Director, Strategic Planning and Analytics, Digital Strategy and

Enablement (DSE) group at Cisco. “Origami Logic enables us to aggregate

all those disparate marketing signals into a single view, allowing us to

gain a daily understanding of our performance. Marketing signal

measurement offers a way to know what’s happening every day. That we

can continually optimise for the future.”

“Eighteen months of intensive work with some of the largest advertisers

in the world (including Visa, Pernod Ricard, Intel and Cisco) led us to

a unique insight: The most difficult problem is measuring the marketing

signals from an ever expanding digital universe,” said Alon Amit,

co-founder and VP of Product at Origami Logic. “Today’s marketing tools

Redpine Signals Launches WyzBee® ─ World’s First Comprehensive IoT Platform for Device Makers | Business Wire

SAN JOSE, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Redpine Signals today launched the world’s first comprehensive IoT platform for device makers – the WyzBee platform – that includes a flexible hardware platform, development environment and cloud software and services framework. The WyzBee IoT platform significantly reduces the time it takes to develop and bring to market new IoT devices by providing integrated sensing, computing, communicating, power management, cloud and application support. Redpine Signals is also accelerating IoT device development by providing a broad portfolio of Things profiles to developers like sensor, audio, GPS, GSM/GPRS and many more.

“With the new WyzBee platform, we are removing multiple layers of complexity and cost in product development while giving product and application developers everything they need in a compact solution to jumpstart their IoT device or application,” said Venkat Mattela, chief executive officer of Redpine Signals. “Redpine Signals doesn’t just want to enable the Internet of Things, we want to unify the IoT maker process from product development to the customized cloud and application software.”

The compact WyzBee board includes Redpine’s Wireless Secure MCU (WiSeMCU™)...

collapse under the volume, velocity. Complexity of the marketing

signals being generated across channels, websites, platforms, apps,

devices, data and the cloud. We're the first to fix this massive

marketing problem.”

Marketing Signals Are the Measure of Effectiveness

To manage and optimise marketing campaign investments, modern marketers

must be able to measure the millions of marketing signals produced by

their digital and offline programs. As previously defined in the Origami

Logic Marketing Signals Framework, marketing signals are measures of

response to daily marketing activity – both the actions audiences take

and the thousands of metrics marketing platforms generate.

Marketing signals provide the best picture of audience interest,

engagement and intent – giving marketers detailed insights into

marketing performance across paid, earned and owned media. They provide

a standardized way of optimizing campaign investments, understanding

progress towards goals and objectives. Improving marketing

performance over time. To compete in today’s complex multi-channel

world, it's critical that marketers harvest, organise and analyse

marketing signals in a disciplined way.

Marketing Signal Measurement Delivers Marketing ROI

Marketing Signal Measurement (MSM) is the process of deriving and

optimizing key insights from marketing signals. It fills the gap between

raw data and insights in today’s marketing ecosystem by combining

metrics, creative assets, metadata. Campaign properties and provides

a precise, standardized way to quantify and optimise campaigns.

Marketing Signal Measurement enables marketers to improve marketing

performance, drive business impact and increase revenue through four

core phases: harvesting, refinement, analysis and activation. The new

Analog Devices to Demonstrate Automotive Signal Processing Technology at Convergence 2008 : ADI's automotive safety system, infotainment, and body/chassis electronics solutions target consumer demand for more efficient, higher-performance vehicles.

NORWOOD, Mass. (PRWEB) October 15, 2008

In keeping with the theme of Convergence 2008, "Vehicle Electronics Converging on Real Customer Needs," ADI will demonstrate a series of innovative solutions showcasing car safety, infotainment and sensing electronics. For more information, visit http://www.analog.com/auto.

Automotive Safety Restraint: Although most of today's safety systems are passive, OEMs are moving toward adaptive passive systems. This demonstration features an adaptive safety restraint system reference design developed by Infineon Technologies AG and based on ADI's iMEMS® inertial sensors. Tier 1 safety system suppliers and OEMs can now access a turnkey system solution where all the component interoperability risk has been removed, saving cost and development time.

Vehicle Stability Control: Analog Devices' stability control demonstration incorporates ADI's iMEMS® Motion Signal Processing™ technology to illustrate the application of motion sensing in rollover detection and electronic stability control systems. The demonstration incorporates MEMS accelerometers and gyroscopes to measure rotational movement in the X, Y and Z axes, and then illustrates pitch, roll, and yaw movement using desktop computer animation.

Multimedia Connectivity: Consumers are demanding compressed audio content that they can listen to while driving and that doesn't require modifications to factory-installed radios and speaker systems. Car manufacturers are reacting to this trend by adding multimedia connectivity to current and next-generation radios. Analog Devices' MDI (Multimedia Device Interface) demonstration is a hardware/software solution that allows car OEMs to quickly add compressed audio playback (MP3/WMA) to their audio systems without a lengthy radio redesign. The MDI solution supports various media, including USB sticks and SD cards. Audio streaming from a Bluetooth-enabled cellular phone is also supported. Additionally, the MDI software system contains all required components including device drivers, MP3/WMA audio decoders, CAN protocol stack, and a system framework that enables quick additions of application layer software by...

Origami Logic MSM platform addresses all four phases.

  • Signal Harvesting allows marketers to reliably maintain a

    complete, up-to-the-minute view of source signals from marketing

    platforms (AdWords, Facebook, Doubleclick, etc.), execution systems

    (Sprinklr, Responsys, Marin Software, etc.), analytics tools (Adobe

    Analytics, Nielsen, Facebook Insights, etc.). In-house systems.

    The Origami Logic MSM platform handles authorisation, authentication

    and management of API connections to signal sources, API scheduling

    and frequency management, automated file-based signal ingestion and

    management. Signal storage, including assets and contextual

    metadata. It also automates the process of versioning, error-detection

    and re-fetching, validation and gap filling, back fetching of

    historical data. The direct import of offline and proprietary

    signals to deliver the best possible accuracy, depth, granularity,

    completeness. Timeliness.

  • Signal Refinement improves the fidelity of harvested signals

    through cleansing, harmonization, enrichment. Fusing. The Origami

    Logic MSM platform cleanses signals by scanning them to detect errors

    or missing or duplicated data and then corrects them accordingly. It

    harmonizes signals by normalizing assets and metadata across data

    sources and marketing channels and enriches signals by calculating and

    adding derived signals and metadata, such as time granularities,

    estimated metrics, geographical breakdowns, etc. The Origami platform

    also fuses signals and joins disparate data, within and across

    sources, to enhance their value and ease of interpretation.

  • Signal Analysis improves the relevance of signals, in the

    context of business outcomes, through dynamic categorisation, adaptive

    aggregation, calculation, segmentation, filtering and comparison. The

    Facebook Data to Be Used By Bing!

    Facebook co-initiator Mark Zuckerberg himself made this announcement of a group explores partnership with Bing. Zuckerberg declared, "What makes this a great partnership is that in this lawsuit Microsoft is the loser in quest. In verity, I couldn't think of everybody better to be effective with to construct the next generation of pursuit!" One of the first products of the Bing / Facebook partnership is that via a Bing iFrame, Bing hunt fallout are native inside Facebook searches. Now, Facebook numbers will be integrated into Bing and inspire quest fallout based on signals from the searchers public connections. This artifact, called Bing Social brings Facebook posts and relations that share to the matter searched right into hunt fallout.
    How does Bing produce the gathering framework of Facebook into hunt bearing? Starting nowadays, Bing is integrating facts from your contacts and communities interact into pursuit outcome. This could contain information on "likes," reviews, photos and relatives from your contacts into your explore experience. According to Bing, explore outcome will be genuinely personal to the addict, different from others will see for the same seek. This "minute personalization" will make a seek by you important to you solitary and not necessarily that important to superstar besides. Obviously, the force on SEO will be vast. Search optimization presently relies extensively on important relatives from sureness sites. If family and 'likes' from your personal social interact become more important than links from websites then SEM's will necessary to alter their SEO policy.
    With the Facebook module your explore outcome will now enter information on what your links liked or commented about the restaurant or show or other item you searched for. Your Bing seek outcome will actually be different depending on what your system of friends linkage to, like or abhor.
    Another big implication is with a...

    Origami Logic MSM platform categorizes marketing performance according

    to a customizable measurement taxonomy, such as by brands, products,

    and geographies. Aggregates (summing, averaging, etc.) signals by

    category, date/time range. Other groupings. Origami also segments

    signals by categories or dimensions, filters signals across multiple

    criteria. Compares signals across multiple categories, date

    ranges. Other criteria.

  • Signal Activation is the process of activating signals through

    media such as reports, dashboards, alerts, emails, etc. Origami

    provides a set of rich, real-time daily signal reports that empower

    marketers to make ongoing changes to marketing campaigns that are


Global brands are using the new Origami Logic Marketing Signal

Measurement Platform for solutions such as customer journey scorecards,

in-flight campaign tracking and optimisation, competitive campaign

intelligence, content &. Creative analytics and digital command centers,

among others. To learn more about the platform or read the complete

Marketing Signal Measurement FAQ Guide, please visit: www.origamilogic.com/msm.

About Origami Logic

Origami Logic empowers marketers to answer the question, “What happened

today?” by measuring the marketing signals that matter. Global brands

like Visa, JCPenney, Cisco and Intel use the Origami Logic Marketing

Signal Measurement Platform to manage and optimise marketing campaign

investments across all modern marketing channels and platforms. Origami

is led by a veteran executive team and funded by top-tier investors

Accel Partners, Icon Ventures and Lightspeed Venture Partners. Please

visit www.origamilogic.com

and follow us on Twitter @OrigamiLogic.