Radiant Barrier Window Shades – Halcyon

Halcyon Shades are made of a thick (3 mil to 4.5 mil) metalized film that was originally designed for the space program. The metal layer reflects up to 81% of the heat-causing bandwidths of light. Halcyon Shades can reduce the energy passing through any window system by over 90% while preserving the view. Halcyon Shades work in the same way that highly reflective radiant barriers for attics and roofing substrates do. Rather than slow down the conduction of heat like insulation does, radiant barriers actually “bounce”. The heat back in the direction that it came from. This means that in the summer solar heat is reflected outside of the building while in the winter furnace heat is retained in the building. When sunlight is moving at the speed of light doesn't give off heat. it's only when sunlight strikes an object and is forced to slow down as it's being absorbed that heat occurs. By reflecting sunlight or infrared furnace heat before it can be absorbed, radiant barriers provide far greater energy control compared to insulation devices that merely slow down. Don't stop, heat conduction. Radiant barrier technology was first made famous by the Thermos®.

Without any insulation at all, a Thermos® can keep hot soup hot and cold drinks cold all day. Like a Thermos®, Halcyon Shades keep building cool in summer by rejecting solar heat gain and warm in winter by containing building heat. Ultraviolet (UV) light can cause substantial damage to building interiors by causing fading and material disintegration. Halcyon Shades block 99% of the harmful UV rays and reduce glare by 97% as well. This makes Halcyon Shades a nearly perfect solar control device. Halcyon Shades are available in an opaque white film that still provide excellent radiant barrier reflectivity while protecting privacy and darkening rooms. Typical energy conservation in a full building deployment can vary from 10% to 25% depending on the type of window systems in use and other factors. Halcyon Shades when integrated into an energy conservation strategy can qualify for up to nine (9) LEED1 points under United States Green Building Council guidelines.Halcyon Shades create a highly effective radiant barrier over any window opening.