Redpine Signals Launches WyzBee® ─ World’s First Comprehensive IoT Platform for Device Makers | Business Wire

SAN JOSE, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Redpine Signals today launched the world’s first comprehensive IoT

platform for device makers – the WyzBee platform – that includes a

flexible hardware platform, development environment and cloud software

and services framework. The WyzBee IoT platform significantly reduces

the time it takes to develop and bring to market new IoT devices by

providing integrated sensing, computing, communicating, power

management, cloud and application support. Redpine Signals is also

accelerating IoT device development by providing a broad portfolio of Things

profiles to developers like sensor, audio, GPS, GSM/GPRS and many


“With the new WyzBee platform, we're removing multiple layers of

complexity and cost in product development while giving product and

application developers everything they need in a compact solution to

jumpstart their IoT device or application,” said Venkat Mattela, chief

executive officer of Redpine Signals. “Redpine Signals doesn’t just want

to enable the Internet of Things, we want to unify the IoT maker process

from product development to the customized cloud and application


The compact WyzBee board includes Redpine’s Wireless Secure MCU (WiSeMCU™)

with multi-protocol wireless module providing Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.1.

ZigBee connectivity, six-axis inertial sensors, an infrared receiver, a

debug port, push-buttons, LEDs, USB ports. WyzBee THING™ expansion

connector. The WiSeMCU module runs an embedded TCP/IP networking stack

with SSL/TLS/HTTPS security, apart from complete Wi-Fi, BT 4.1.

2014 Connected World Magazine Connected World and ConnectED Award Winners Deliver a Stunning Range of Solutions Connecting All Aspects of Personal and Professional Life

Chicago, IL (PRWEB) February 14, 2014

Monitoring healthcare, homes, cars, retail, and mobile devices are just a few of the innovative new technologies that won awards at this year’s Connected World Awards Gala. The awards are being presented to the winning companies and individuals as part of the Connected World Conference held within the 2014 Chicago Auto Show.

“The 2014 award winners honored tonight are a combination of large and small companies representing a range of industries and applications. These winners came from areas of energy and healthcare, as well as building automation and retail. Solutions were implemented for GPS, car sharing, and even concrete-management systems,” says Peggy Smedley, editorial director, Connected World magazine. “This is a testament to the growth of the vertical markets and acceptance of the technology within those various segments.”

The Connected World Awards honor the companies that have successfully leveraged M2M in order to solve a critical pain point within their business, all with quantifiable results.

Particular emphasis is given to the process of combining multiple technologies, such as device, connectivity, hardware, radio modules, network service and provisioning, as well as application software and infrastructure, to create a winning solution; this is often referred to as the value chain. The Connected World Awards also recognize the key pieces of the technology ecosystem that helped them develop their award-winning solution. These companies were honored as technology enablers. This year’s winners include companies ranging in size from Fortune 100 to SMBs.

The 2014 Connected World Award winners are:

Building Automation
Gold: Cellular Machines, LLC
T-Mobile US

Silver: EnTouch Controls
Telit Wireless Solutions

Connected Car
Gold: Audi
Gemalto NV

Connected Home
Gold: SimpliSafe, Inc.
Jazz Wireless Data
Telit Wireless Solutions
T-Mobile US

Concrete Management Systems
Gold: Verifi LLC

Gold: JV Driver Projects Inc.
Intelliwave Technologies Inc.

Consumer Electronics
Gold: FiLIP Technologies, Inc.
Connected Development, LLC
Redpine Signals
Telit Wireless Solutions

Gold: Tridel
Clear Blue Technologies
KORE Wireless Group Inc.


ZigBee stacks.

The WyzBee THING expansion headers accommodate a host of other symbiotic

devices, with a number of peripherals – called ‘Things’ – already

available from Redpine including audio, GSM, GPS, capacitive touch

display, rechargeable battery. Additional sensors. Application

development is supported with a choice of development environments –

IAR, Keil. The free CoIDE from CooCox.

The WyzBee platform is supported by the WyzBee IoT Cloud – a Redpine

hosted cloud framework that offers flexible and customizable

connectivity, analytics. User interfaces. The RS9113 chipset

integrates PUF-based hardware security block that provides for unique,

individual device entities – ensuring that each IoT device can be

individually authenticated and software delivered to it that can't run

on any other device.

The WyzBee platform also includes WyzBee Workbench, a unique debug tool

that addresses a common debug need that arises when engineers validate

systems that communicate with the cloud. This tool is integrated into

the development environment offered for WyzBee and provides a

comprehensive debug analysis of data traffic between the device and the

cloud. This Enhanced Debugger includes the capability of analysing all

transactions with the cloud, including secure SSL protected exchanges.

Supporting Quotes:

“mCube’s MC3610 ultra-low power, high-performance 3-axis accelerometer,

along with our magnetometer and iGyro products, is built upon our

award-winning monolithic single-chip MEMS technology platform. They've

been widely adopted in mobile handsets, tablets. IoT devices with

over 100 million units shipped. These sensors coupled with Redpine’s

ultra-low power wireless technology and WyzBee platform provide an

optimal platform for device creators in the IoT space. we're pleased

with the concept of creating IoT devices with WyzBee product synthesis

and power profiler to maximise battery life. We'll provide a variety

of inertial sensors on the WyzBee platform to enable optimal designs for

wearables and the Internet of Moving Things (IoMT),” said Ben Lee,

president and chief executive officer of mCube.

“Redpine WyzBee IoT device maker platform makes it possible to

accelerate device development with wireless technologies and IAR Systems

is pleased to support the interface to WyzBee development

environment. We've learned from our customers that wireless

functionality is one of the biggest hurdles in migrating applications

for IoT solutions today. Enhanced cloud protocol debugging features will

enable shortened time to market for IoT applications as well as address

the growing need of wireless technologies,” says Anders Holmberg, IoT

Manager, IAR Systems.

The WyzBee

IoT Platform kits and WyzBee

THING adaptor cards are available now from Redpine Signals. A

complete demo can be seen at the Redpine Signals hosted symposium on

August 23rd at the Hot Chips Symposium in Cupertino, Calif.

The pricing of the base WyzBee platform board starts at $29 per unit.

The boards can be directly purchased from the WyzBee


About Redpine Signals

Headquartered in San Jose, California, Redpine Signals, Inc., is a

fabless semiconductor, IoT devices and wireless system solutions company

focusing on innovative, ultra-low power and high-performance products

for next-generation wireless applications. Redpine was founded in 2001

and was the first in the industry to launch an ultra-low power and

low-cost single-stream 802.11n chipset in late 2007. Again, in 2009

Redpine pioneered the adoption of self-contained 802.11abgn modules into

the then emerging IoT market. In 2013, Redpine introduced the world’s

first multiprotocol wireless chipset for the Internet of Things market –

featuring dual band Wi-Fi, dual-mode BT 4.1. ZigBee. Redpine has

created multiple products based on this chipset including n-Link

(hosted), Connect-io-n (embedded), WiSeConnect (advanced embedded

secure) and WiSeMCU (MCU and multi-protocol wireless) modules. Redpine

offers technology and products covering multiple market segments in the

IoT (industrial, medical, automotive, connected home, connected car,

smart energy, building automation and real-time locationing), mobile and

networking markets. Redpine’s technology and product portfolio includes

chipsets, modules and devices. The company has 220 employees worldwide.

For more information on Redpine Signals visit

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