Rhodri Spindler on Virtualization And Its Need

Virtualization has evolved as a widely deployed technology that liberalizes the enterprises to enhance server capacity, systematize operations. Augment agility and facility while realizing the benefits of cost-saving simultaneously. As the companies are facing for reaping the benefits of virtualization, there is also a wide range of security benefits of virtualization, including easier disaster recovery, business continuity, role-based access and a lot more.

Let's have a closer look at the term server virtualization:

Systems Enhancement Corp. Releases Power Administrator Remote Reboot and Receptacle Management

ST. LOUIS, June 23 /PRNewswire/ -- Systems Enhancement

Corporation has announced the release of its Power Administrator family

of receptacle management products for remote reboot and individual

receptacle control.

The Power Administrator is a network power management device

which brings control of individual power receptacles anywhere on the

network to the network administrator's desktop. Now the network

administrator can power receptacles on and off to reboot remote

equipment which has locked up or to simply turn it on or off as needed.

The Power Administrator has full support of in-band and

out-of-brand communications. All models of the Power Administrator come

with a serial port for software configuration, terminal communications,

or external modem. The PA-800 has an optional internal card which

provide network capability for telnet and SNMP support as well as

internal modem. This gives the PA-800 complete accessibility either

across the network or through a modem if that segment of the network is


The base Power Administrator supports loads up to 11.5 through

the six on board power receptacles. The PA-800 has management control

of two optional remote capable of switching 10 amps each for a total

load of up to 31.5 amps. A bar graph on the front of the unit allows the

user to view the amount of and helps to prevent any inadvertent

overloading. The connected load can also be monitored across the

network for remote load management. The PA-800 is equipped with a

high-speed bus, which allows the user to control up to sixteen units

(128 receptacles) at one network address or from a single modem


The PA-800 also has inputs for monitoring two alarm contacts on a

UPS, security or fire system, or other device or alarm. Each unit also

has eight output relays which can be set up to indicate the status of

each of the receptacles or to mirror the input relays. Mirroring the

relays gives the PA-800 the added functionality of SEC's MultiMon,

and can be used with PowerMon II on...

What're server computers? These are the powerful machines that host files as well as applications on the network of computers. These computers are very significant to business and companies as they carry a lot of information and processes, which are of supreme importance to their operations. The administrators of a computer network usually dedicate a single server for a particular task or application. This is needed as most of these applications aren't compatible with this approach, though. As the company or business elevates on the graph of expansion, similar is the trend followed by the network of computers. This implies toward more servers, more power and space consumption. Also more expenses.

Server virtualization attempts to refer such issues. By using specifically designed software, an administrator can convert one physical server into numerous virtual machines. Each virtual server serves a role of different physical hardware that's capable of running its application or task. Theoretically, you can run enough virtual server for utilizing all of the machine's processing power, even though it's advised to so.

Numerous reasons make companies invest their funds on virtualization. Some of these reasons may be financially motivated while others are focused on technical concerns. Some of the reasons that convince institutions for switching to virtualization:


Virtual servers are also referred as space conserves due to consolidation. If numerous applications use a minute fraction of a machine's processing power, the network administrator can consolidate all these applications into a single server running multiple applications. The company's requirement for space will significantly decrease.