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Two Great Price Action Setups In Forex

Price action analysis is one of the best methods to trade the Forex market with. By simply analyzing a naked price chart we can spot profitable setups that re-occur in the market. The best approach to take while using price action to trade forex is just to master a handful of time-tested and easily identifiable setups; this will allow you to trade in a calm and collected manner and will thus help you achieve consistent profitability in forex. This article will introduce two of my favorite price action setups; the reversal or pin bar setup and the inside bar or inside day setup.
Price Action Reversal Bars:
Reversal bars often occur at major swing points or at significant support and resistance levels in the forex market. Price action reversal bars can tip the keen trader off to large directional movements and also give traders a concrete method to exit a previous large directional run. Specific examples of price action reversal bars can be found on numerous websites across the internet; YouTube is host to some very good price action video tutorials. Reversal bars are a great way to enter a trending market or a range-bound market. Once mastered, specific price action reversal bar setups can prove to be your bread and butter forex trading method. You will find various names for reversal bar setups in forex such as, the pin bar setup or the shooting star setup in candlestick terms.
Inside Bar Setups:
Inside bars indicate the market is taking a breather from its most recent run. They are found in strongly trending markets but also in consolidating markets, they occur at market turning points but also as continuation signals. The inside bar setup offers a low-risk high reward scenario as often times they will break out strongly in one direction and...