Should You Choose a PG or a Flat to Stay in Noida?

Many would argue with this choice by saying that PG's offer no freedom. Well, if you look at the modern setup of PG's established by professionals in Noida, you'll find that PG's also offer you complete freedom. Other than freedom, PG's provide you with multitude of advantages that we'll discuss later on in the article.

Today we've especially listed out the advantages of staying in a PG in Noida region. If you're working in Noida or studying there, you'll find many good PG's in Noida 12-22 sector. If your workplace is in sector 62-65, you can also look for a PG in Indirapuram Ghaziabad. The Indirapuram area provides many luxurious PG's for working professionals. But if your workplace or college is located in areas other than sector 62-65, sector 12-22 area will be the best place to look for a stay. Although we won't be able to tell you the best Noida PG in sector 12 and sector 22. We can assure you that you'll be able to find the stay of your choice in these areas.

So without further delay let us discuss why PG's should be your prefered choice of stay over flats.

Market Economy: Pros, Cons, and Examples

The market economy is delivering miracles by the minute and yet we hardly notice or care; worse, we denounce the realization of this dream of all of history, this coming of heaven on earth and call it decadent and dangerous.

― Jeffrey Tucker, It's a Jetsons World: Private Miracles and Public CrimesIn a market economy, the market forces of demand and supply determine the production of any entity. The goods that are in demand are produced more. The factors of production can be employed by a private entrepreneur. Everybody has a freedom to choose their own way to utilize the resources, and accordingly, produce goods in any field of their choice. Since demand and supply influence economic decisions, consumer is the king in a market economy.

Consumers' preferences are the ruling policy in a market economy. Goods that have higher demand will have higher prices. However, a shift in demand will immediately impact the price of the product. The question of scarcity is answered by market forces. Individuals can own property, sell it, or pass it to the successors. This is no restriction on the amount of assets one can acquire, given that the individual possesses the purchasing capacity.

Features of a Market Economy

❏ Economic decisions influenced by the forces of demand and supply.

❏ Complete freedom to utilize resources as per an individual's purchasing capacity.

❏ No government intervention.

❏ Private entrepreneurs can take up any production, and employ any resource, factor of production, and innovate according to his/her choice.

❏ Usually, profit is the main motive in a market economy.

❏ Individuals can privately own property.


❏ Due to greater competition and the quest to grab consumers' attention, entrepreneurs strive to produce superior quality products. There is increased willingness to take risks due to the freedom the entrepreneurs enjoy. Innovation will always benefit the consumers in...

Equipped with modern facilities

PGs are equipped with all sort of modern facilities. Other than free WI-FI they offer many other facilities in order to make your life convenient. This includes well furnished rooms with spacious closets to fit in all your belongings, Television for your entertainment so that you never get bored, refrigerators to store in your favourite ice cream and washing machine to save you the trouble of washing your clothes with your hands. And this isn't it because apart from it they also offer power back up so you don't have to worry about those nasty power cuts. Also, if something goes wrong with the electronic equipments provided to you, the owner of the PG takes cares of it. Apart from this, you needn't pay any extra money for the facilities provided to you or pay any cost for their repair.

No restrictions

Gone are the days when PG's used to keep track of your in-time and out-time. They respect your freedom and let you breathe in your space. They offer to you homely stays which don't put unnecessary restrictions on you. you'll never find yourself going through the trouble of following useless rules that curb your freedom.

Quality food

At a PG you don't have to worry about shopping for vegetables and spices. Also, you needn't worry about cooking your breakfast, lunch and dinner. Everything is served hot. Is healthy as well as tasty. From North Indian to Chinese you've all in the menu for you. We can guarantee that the food offered is so delicious that you'll seldom open Foodpanda or Zomato to order your favourite cuisine. The best part is that you don't have to pay any extra money to consume this delicious food. The food is generally included in the rent amount.