SolidX Partners Inc. Raises $3 Million to Connect Bitcoin Ecosystem with Capital Markets via Swaps | Business Wire

NEW YORK–()–SolidX Partners Inc., a <a rel="wpi" target="_blank" title="" href="">financial services</a> company providing swaps to

hedge funds, family offices and other institutional investors, closed

its $3 million seed financing round. SolidX’s swaps enable investors to

gain synthetic exposure to bitcoin using an instrument readily familiar

and accessible to institutions. The round’s lead investor is Liberty

City Ventures and includes Jim Pallotta, Red Sea Ventures, Stanley

Shopkorn and Red Swan Ventures. SolidX commenced operations in early

2014 and intends to use the seed-round funding to pursue growth



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“Our mission is to enable capital markets participation in the emerging

bitcoin ecosystem. We're excited to provide institutions with financial

instruments linked directly to bitcoin and blockchain innovations,” said

CEO Daniel H. Gallancy. “Institutional investors have largely been

locked out of the bitcoin marketplace given the mismatch between the

bitcoin ecosystem and conventional capital markets’ clearing,

settlement, custody and regulations. SolidX eliminates this

incompatibility and allows for streamlined investing.”

“While many businesses in the digital finance space are focused on

technology alone, SolidX is building the financial services plumbing for

the ecosystem,” said firm President David S. Lehmann. “We're excited by

the opportunities we see in the marketplace and are determined to build

the next-generation financial services company.”

About SolidX Partners

SolidX is an innovative financial services company that focuses on

institutional investor participation in digital asset classes such as

bitcoin. Through customary investment instruments such as swaps, the

firm removes technological and regulatory barriers faced by

institutional investors. Bridges the divide between traditional

financial services and the emerging fields of bitcoin and digital

finance. SolidX also collaborates with institutional investors to

address unique opportunities that extend beyond the scope of typical

financial services companies.

About Bitcoin Swaps

Swaps play a vital role in providing institutional investors with access

to exotic markets and unique assets. SolidX offers non-deliverable total

return swaps on bitcoin settled in USD. Our bitcoin swaps use standard

International Swaps and Derivatives Association, Inc. (“ISDA”)

documentation, including an ISDA Master Agreement, with applicable

schedules, annexes, supplements and confirmations. SolidX’s

counterparties consist primarily of hedge funds, family offices and

other institutional investors.