Stock Market Solutions Announces Branding of “Veri-trade”, the Jesse Livermore Digital Pre-Trade Filter/Indicator System | Business Wire

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–April 30, 2003–Stock Market Solutions Inc. (SMKT) announced branding of “Veri-trade”, The Jesse Livermore digital pre-trade filter/indicator system. A trading platform that provides an astonishingly reliable trading tool for the new millennium of global markets, 24-hour trading and sophisticated technological tools.

SMKT’s founder, Richard Smitten, author of two best-selling books on Livermore, has researched and catalogued Livermore’s uncanny stock-picking techniques. He's supplemented the original Livermore system with interviews with Livermore’s family and with analysis using the enormous database and analytical capacities available through today’s computer technology.

The Jesse Livermore system is now being software-encrypted as a proprietary system by SMKT into “Veri-trade”. Veri-trade is an amalgamation of five pre-trade filters unique to the Livermore system. Two of the filters are macro-market indicators, two are stock specific and one is a timing filter. The system also uses unique proprietary indexes for price/volume, group action, momentum, a variety of moving averages and volatility.

Following 2 years of development and back testing for reliability, SMKT will offer Veri-trade as on-line, encrypted software by subscription beginning this summer. SMKT management believes that the system will change the way stocks and indexes are traded in the future for funds, swing-traders, day traders and in fact for all professionals in the market.

Human nature doesn’t change. It drove the 1929 stock market hysteria up and down. It drove the Dow up 30% in 2000 and back down 30% in 2001 and it created billionaires overnight from tech stocks that are penniless today.

Beginning over 100 years ago, Jesse Livermore observed that stocks and stock markets act in a series of repetitive patterns. Through 45 years of market observation, he then developed a series of interpretive tools using secret formulas and equations that allowed him to predict the movement in stocks with uncanny reliability and to earn him over $100 million in 1929 –. Billions in today’s dollars. His trading over the 45 years turned his name into a household word until 1940, when he died. He's still regarded by most professional traders as the greatest trader who ever lived.

He worked in a highly secure 5th Avenue penthouse where he applied his interpretive skills with the tools available to him at the time, chalkboard recording and ticker tapes. He traded in absolute secrecy. “Wall Street never changes,”. He said, “because human nature never changes.”. He proved his system over and over again by taking advantage of the price movements predicted by his system and by adding to his fortune.

“We believe we've the key to achieving a degree of reliability never before available to traders and investors,”. Says Smitten. “By using the Veri-trade system, we believe we can save investors and traders from errors that'll save them millions. Even if all of the investors’. Normal criteria are in place, every trade should be run through the three minutes it'll take for a Veri-trade analysis. I believe that fortunes can be made by improving `picks’. Fortunes can be saved by virtually eliminating bad trades by using the revolutionary Veri-trade system.”

Stock Market Solutions is a company that assists professional mutual and hedge fund traders and managers, as well as individual investors, to more skilfully trade the stock market. The Company uses proprietary computer software systems to enable these traders and investors, based on the “Jesse Livermore methodology”, to more successfully trade the stock market.

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