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Foreign exchange Robot | Automatikus tőzsdei kereskedés | Qualified Advisor teszt – Ez egy For…

Foreign exchange Robot | Automatikus tőzsdei kereskedés | Qualified Advisor teszt – Ez egy Foreign exchange robotic tesztelési oldal!


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China Foreign Exchange Trade System Goes Live with Reuters Electronic Trading | Business Wire

SHANGHAI, China–(BUSINESS WIRE)–May 18, 2005–China Foreign Exchange Trade System, a subsidiary of the People’s Bank of China, today launched its multi-bank portal built with foreign exchange technology from Reuters (LSE:RTR, Nasdaq:RTRSY), the global information company. This major project, completed on schedule, supports Reuters position as the leading provider of foreign exchange systems and technology.

China Foreign Exchange Trade System (CFETS) is the only organisation licensed to trade foreign exchange in China. CFETS member banks will benefit from a real-time, internet-based foreign exchange multi-bank portal, thereby facilitating the growth of FX trading in China. The financial institutions which have the permission to trade foreign currencies will be able to trade streaming executable FX prices contributed by 10 price making institutions. The FX prices are provided by leading global institutions namely ABN AMRO, Bank of China, Bank of Montreal, Citic, Citibank, Deutsche Bank, HSBC, ICBC, ING and the Royal Bank of Scotland.

This CFETS portal will enable China’s foreign exchange market to begin trading of eight foreign currency pairs – the U.S. dollar against the Euro, Yen, Hong Kong dollar, Sterling, Swiss franc, Australian dollar and Canadian dollar, plus the Euro versus the Yen.

CFETS’ portal is based on a customised version of Reuters Electronic Trading (RET) platform and is deployed in its data centre in Shanghai. With Reuters Electronic Trading, CFETS can now offer its member banks access to executable prices from leading global liquidity providers and thereby allow domestic financial institutions, that may otherwise not had the credit, to trade in the international currency markets.

The 10 liquidity providers contribute competitive executable prices on a ‘best bid’ and ‘best offer’ basis. CFETS also offers a full trading, settlement and clearing facilities to all its members and market makers. Domestic banks in China can leave orders, request a price or execute FX transactions with a single click for any of the non-RMB currency pairs quoted on the portal.

Mark Redwood, Managing Director, Reuters Automated Dealing Technologies, said: “Reuters is pleased to have been chosen by CFETS as their preferred supplier to customise and deliver this multi-bank portal. Reuters has not only met the tight delivery timeline set by CFETS, but also worked with the liquidity providers to ensure a successful delivery. Reuters is committed to meeting the increasing technology, connectivity and information needs of the global forex marketplace and we believe that this is just the beginning of a new era in electronic trading in China.”

Serena Wang, Managing Director, Reuters China, said: “We are very proud to be associated with CFETS’ multi-bank portal launch. This is a historic event for both Reuters and CFETS as it marks the beginning of a relationship that we hope will grow from strength to strength. CFETS customised Reuters Electronic Trading solution will enable it to expand its foreign exchange business and introduce greater transparency while providing a foundation for future growth and expansion.”

Steven Metzler, Executive Director, Technology Alliances – FX, ABN AMRO, said: “We are pleased to partner with CFETS to be one of the first international financial institution liquidity providers for this important new eFX trading platform for the Chinese market. ABN AMRO has been present in China for more than 100 years and we are committed to playing an active role in the development of China’s financial markets.”

Mr Sun Xiaofan, Chief Dealer, Bank of China, said: “Bank of China has long been an active partner of China FX Trading Centre. This time, we join each other, together with some major banks home and abroad, to launch the CFETS live trading platform, which we believe will further enhance our traditional edge in FX trading, and more importantly, provide better access to liquidity for those small and medium-sized domestic financial institutions. And, with our extensive global network and local advantages, we are also made the sole settlement bank for all the participants of this system. We will work closely with all parties of this project to ensure it is a full success. We think this will greatly contribute to the healthy development of the domestic FX market.”

Rod Jones, Executive Managing Director, International Capital Markets, Bank of Montreal, said: “The CFETS multi-bank portal will help to build a link between the domestic and overseas markets and trading in internationally traded currencies will give CFETS a very good international profile. More importantly, the liquidity from this portal will create market efficiencies and greater transparency in China.”

Ms.Wang Wenhua, GM, Treasury Department, CITIC Industrial Bank, said: “This CFETS FX trading platform will further promote the development of China’s financial market. As a liquidity provider, CITIC Industrial Bank will enhance the cooperation with member banks through this trading platform, and provide better service to our clients.”

Richard Stanley, CEO, Citigroup China, said: “This is an exciting moment and Citigroup is very pleased to participate in this project. This system will help the banks to conduct their foreign exchange activities more effectively and improve the liquidity of the foreign exchange market in China.”

Michele Wee, Vice President, Corporate & Investment Banking at Deutsche Bank, said: “The CFETS – FX platform allows liquidity providers such as Deutsche Bank to provide streaming FX prices with one-click trading, order module and RFQ functionality. This new platform will encourage development of China’s FX market and provide opportunities for both Deutsche Bank and CFETS member banks.”

Hong Gao, Vice Director, Dealing Room, International Department, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, said: “It is our honour to help establish the domestic foreign exchange market and to be its market maker together with the top FX banks within and outside China. We’ll meet the need of its development through our business operation in the future. The launch of the interbank FX market will help to quicken the establishment of the FX market in China and help build an exchange rate mechanism for the Chinese currency.”

Alistair Reid, Managing Director, Head of Financial Markets Sales, Asia at ING, said: “With the initial introduction of eight trading pairs, we believe that in due course the system will develop further including forward contracts and other Asian currencies. The CFETS system allows banks such as ING to further develop and leverage their existing trading platforms while building a partnership relationship with customers not normally served by international banks.”

Dr Charles Q Li, Country Head China and Branch Manager, Shanghai of The Royal Bank of Scotland, said: “The new CFETS FX trading platform is part of China’s continued efforts to establish a market-driven FX rate mechanism and will provide a platform to introduce further market-based operations and products. As one of the major players in the global FX market, RBS is glad to be able to play a similar role in China’s financial centre, Shanghai and to strengthen relationships with local member banks.”

Reuters Automated Dealing Technologies business specialises in providing leading-edge technology to financial institutions and their customers to conduct FX and money-market transactions in a real-time environment. The group has provided Reuters Electronic Trading solutions to over 90 leading global financial institutions including ABN AMRO, Bank of America, Bank of New York, Dresdner Kleinwort Wasserstein, HSBC, UBS, amongst others.

Note to Editors


In February 1994, the People’s Bank of China (PBOC) decided to set up CFETS in Shanghai to meet the demands of the country’s FX administration system reform. The CFETS officially started operation on April 4 of the same year. From then, China’s interbank market has grown from small to large and has expanded its business from the mainland to Hong Kong and Macau. Its financial infrastructure improves constantly, and market operational efficiency rises with each passing day. All these historic evolutions and advances have laid a solid foundation for a national unified interbank market.

Over the past ten years, under the direct leadership of the PBOC and the SAFE, with great support from the central and local governments, and also with the joint efforts of all the market participants, the CFETS has fulfilled the obligations prescribed by the PBOC and devoted itself to establishing and improving a national unified, diversified, and highly efficient money market system. Under the guideline of using “multiple technological means and trading patterns to meet market demands of various levels”, and with respect to market principles, the CFETS carries out constant innovations of service content, service means, and market mechanisms, working hard to provide market members with qualified services. By using advanced electronic information technology, the Internet and leased line, CFETS has set up the three service platforms of trading, information and supervision. The CFETS thus plays an increasingly important role in facilitating financial institutions’ managing liquidity and adjusting capital structures; improving the RMB exchange rate forming mechanism; communicating and implementing RMB monetary policy; forming RMB exchange rates, interest rates, and yield curves; and offering online surveillance to supervisory authorities.

CFETS’ system includes interbank FX trading, RMB interbank lending and bond trading, searching and quotation of commercial paper transaction, information and supervision and surveillance. Up until the end of September 2004, the volume of the FX trading market reached USD 812.4 billion. CFETS has signed foreign currency lending agreements with 125 institutions. In the interbank credit lending and bond market, there are 1001 member organizations, and they have three spot instruments including credit lending, bond repo and spot bond. Up until the end of September 2004, the trade volume of credit lending and bond markets has reached RMB 48.4 trillion, compared to RMB 17.2 trillion in 2003. 243 institutions have signed RMB voice broking service agreements.

About Reuters

Reuters (, the global information company, provides indispensable information tailored for professionals in the financial services, media and corporate markets. Its trusted information drives decision making across the globe based on a reputation for speed, accuracy and independence. Reuters has 14,500 staff in 91 countries. This includes 2,300 editorial staff in 196 bureaux serving 129 countries, making Reuters the world’s largest international multimedia news agency. In 2004, Reuters Group revenues were GBP 2.9 billion.

Reuters and the sphere logo are the trademarks of the Reuters group of companies.

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foreign exchange ea,foreign exchange robotic,qualified advisor,foreign exchange,robotic, #ebay …

foreign exchange ea,foreign exchange robotic,qualified advisor,foreign exchange,robotic, #ebay


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Your Professional Advisor #foreign exchange …

Your Professional Advisor #foreign exchange


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#Foreign exchange #EA Qualified Advisor MT4 Metatrader 4 Robotic MyFxBook Actual Reside Verified Aut…

#Foreign exchange #EA Qualified Advisor MT4 Metatrader 4 Robotic MyFxBook Actual Reside Verified Car –


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Easy pips #buying and selling #foreign exchange #RobotFX #professional #advisor for #Metatrader @robotfx_ro …

Easy pips #buying and selling #foreign exchange #RobotFX #professional #advisor for #Metatrader @robotfx_ro


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Research and Markets: The Little Book of Currency Trading: How to Make Big Profits in the World of Forex | Business Wire

DUBLIN–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Research and Markets (

has announced the addition of John Wiley and Sons Ltd’s new report “The

Little Book of Currency Trading: How to Make Big Profits in the World of

Forex” to their offering.

An Accessible Guide to Trading the Fast-Moving Foreign Exchange Market

The foreign exchange market, or forex, was once dominated by global

banks, hedge funds, and multinational corporations, but that has all

changed with Internet technology and the advent of online forex brokers.

Now, hundreds of thousands of traders and investors around the world can

participate in this profitable field.

Written by forex expert Kathy Lien, The Little Book of Currency Trading

will show you how to effectively invest and trade in today’s biggest

market. Page by page, she describes the multitude of opportunities

possible in the forex market, from short-term price swings to long-term

trends, and details practical products that can help you achieve

success, such as currency-based ETFs.

  • Explains the forces that drive currencies and provides strategies to

    profit from them

  • Reveals how you can use various currencies to reduce risk and take

    advantage of global trends

  • Examines financial vehicles that can help you make money without

    having to monitor the market every day

The Little Book of Currency Trading opens the world of currency trading

and investing to anyone interested in entering this dynamic arena.

Key Topics Covered:

Chapter One When Lightning Strikes.

Chapter Two Rubles and Bahts and EurosOh, My!

Chapter Three The A to Zs of Forex.

Chapter Four Step Right Up.

Chapter Five Movers and Shakers.

Chapter Six The Investor versus the Trader.

Chapter Seven What All Winners Do.

Chapter Eight So You’re an Investor?

Chapter Nine So You’re a Trader?

Chapter Ten Risky Business.

Chapter Eleven The Top 10 Mistakes.

Chapter Twelve Greetings from Nigeria, Please Help!

Chapter Thirteen Getting Down to Business.

Chapter Fourteen Crash, Burn, and Learn.

Chapter Fifteen Start Smart.


KATHY LIEN is the Director of Currency Research for Global Forex Trading

(GFT), a Division of Global Futures & Forex, Ltd. She also runs an FX

signal service, BKForex Advisor, with Boris Schlossberg. Prior to

joining GFT, Lien was the chief strategist of and an

associate at JPMorgan Chase, where she worked in cross-markets and

foreign exchange trading. As an internationally renowned currency

strategist, Lien specializes in combining fundamental and technical

analysis. With more than ten years of currency trading experience, Lien

is a frequent guest host of CNBC Asia and Sky Business News and has

appeared on CNBC (U.S. and Europe), Bloomberg, Fox Business, and

Reuters. She is a regulator contributor to Active Trader, Futures, and

SFO magazines and is quoted by financial publications around the world.

Lien is also the author of the two editions of Day Trading and Swing

Trading the Currency Market as well as Millionaire Traders, which are

published by Wiley.

For more information visit

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##Foreign exchange Specialist Advisor : Phoenix Survival #EA – …

##Foreign exchange Specialist Advisor : Phoenix Survival #EA –


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##Foreign exchange Expert Advisor : Phoenix Survival #EA – …

##Foreign exchange Expert Advisor : Phoenix Survival #EA –


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Two Day International Payments Course (Central London, United Kingdom – December 11th-12th, 2017) – Research and Markets | Business Wire

DUBLIN–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The “International

Payments” conference has been added to Research and

Markets’ offering.

This practical 2 day course has been tailored for banking professionals

who have some experience in domestic payments and want to expand their

knowledge of international payments. You will explore the key

principles, concepts, practices and current developments in the

international payments.

You will have a chance to learn about the principles of foreign exchange

and currency, high-value global payments, purpose and role of SWIFT and

CLS, global clearing and settlement mechanisms as well as about

liquidity management, international trade facilitation, risk management,

and legal and regulatory issues.

Who should attend? This course will be of special interest to payment

professionals with some experience who wish to expand their knowledge

base and advance their careers into the global payments arena.

On completion of this course you will:

  • Gain the practical knowledge of all key processes and concepts in

    international payments

  • Learn about the various stages of low and high value payment process

  • Understand the role and functioning of SWIFT and CLS

  • Get to grips with foreign exchange and currency principles

  • Explore the mechanisms in clearing and settlement

  • Learn about liquidity management principles

  • Gain the tools for managing all risks involved

  • Understand the legal and regulatory frameworks

  • Explore the current market trends and challenges

Main topics covered:

  • Characteristics of International Payments

  • The payment process

  • Low-value global payments

  • International ACH Automatic Clearance services

  • Legal payments structures in the US and worldwide

  • Financial Action Task Force (FATF)

  • High-value global payments: TARGET 2 and CHIPS

  • Anti-money laundering

  • The role and purpose of SWIFT

  • Global Clearing and Settlement

  • Foreign Exchange and Currency Principles

  • Hawala Alternative international payment system

  • Workers’ remittances

  • The purpose and role of CLS

  • Managing risks in International Payments

  • Foreign Exchange settlement in detail

  • The role and purpose of CSL

  • Managing FX risks

  • Advanced Legal and Regulatory issues

  • Challenges for corporates in international payments

  • Current and future trends

For more information about this conference visit

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