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Bad Credit Personal Loans: Easy Bucks For Personal Needs

When there is a huge population suffering with poor financial rating, there should be certain measures that rivet remedies for it. Well, there are. Now you can easily grab some monetary assistance those allow you to take cash whenever you are in need, in need of some bucks, even if you are with poor rating. The talk is of bad credit personal loans.

These are the finances for the personal needs. Here the available cash allows you to get the bucks for a number of requirements. Apart form the regular needs like business needs, home improvement, car buying or holiday trips; you can also get the money for debt consolidation. Here you can mush up all your debts through a single loan paid to be with single interest rates.

Anyway, the funding is for all here, for everyone. You may have the collateral or not, the money is for you. You can go for both the secured as well as unsecured options. Security pledged in secured options allows you to have the bucks at much cheap rates because of assurance of the return of the money associated with it. And, the unsecured options let you have the money without pledging any collateral or in simpler terms, there is no risk or headache involved here in these options. Only, in case of the unsecured loans, the interest rate charged will be slightly higher than the normal rates.

There is, again, the online processing available for the bad credit personal loans and this is preferable. Online is the best way to apply simply because you can apply through an easy and small application form and applying is totally free of cost here. Also, there is no paper work or faxing involved online. And, the service is available round the clock. Loans are only clicks away here. Everything has been put in these loans only to make easy the move of bad credit holders.

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A True Small Business ‘Success’ Story

New York, NY (PRWEB) May 21, 2014

Allen Weitman understands success. 20 years ago, after working in the messenger industry for many years, he combined his wedding money, a bank loan, personal loans, and everything else he could scrape together, and founded Success Express. “This has GOT to be a success,” thought Weitman at the time. Hence the name and the company were born.

Weitman started Success Express on Valentine’s Day in 1994 with a hand truck, four messengers and himself as the salesperson and dispatcher. 20 years later, with over 25 vehicles and 75 messengers, Weitman still employs one of his original messengers and has also retained his first client. His secret? Weitman recognizes that his longevity is due to maintaining a high level of customer service by building long-standing relationships and keeping his rates competitive.

At a time when small businesses have a 25% chance of lasting more than 15 years, and with attention spans getting shorter and shorter and people having more and more options to choose from, 20 years in the professional services industry is quite the accomplishment. This is not lost on Weitman: “I am exceedingly grateful to have had the opportunity to provide top level service to a wide array of companies in various industries. I’ve also had a fantastic professional staff over the years that have shared my passion for customer service. It really has been a labor of love from the start.”

Labor of love indeed. And founded on Valentines’s Day no less. Weitman truly found the right formula for Success (Express): 20 years of building relationships, one delivery at a time.

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Personal Loans with Bad Credit and No Collateral

They say, “money is not everything,” but they forget that you can buy anything if you have money. The need for financial assistance can arise for anyone; only the reasons might differ from person to person. The process of borrowing and lending is intricate; the person who is borrowing wants the money without any hassle, and the person or institution lending it wants guarantees about repayment. One of the things that helps faster processing of loan applications is the credit score, but for some, maintaining a good rating in this volatile economy is proving to be difficult. For such people, applying for personal loans is not an easy task. However, there are financial institutions that lend money to such people.

One of the most referred credit scores by lending institutions is the Fair Issac Corporation (FICO) score and if you have a bad rating, the chances of you getting a loan are slim. If you have a financial emergency and need money to pay medical bills to improve your credit rating, home improvement, or just for going on a holiday, there are a few options that you could look at for securing personal loans. One of the widely available for people with bad credit is subprime loans; these are the ones with high-interest rates. Some of the options are:


These are typically for a small amount and for a stipulated period of time. A payday loan is the one that is given against your next pay check; you can avail of it online very easily. Their interest rates vary from 15 – 30 percent and the duration is also very small. These are subprime loans offered to individuals with bad credit. For a better understanding, if you are looking for a one of USD 1,000, then you will have to give a post-dated check of USD 1,000, plus the processing fees to the lender. These are very easy to secure, and most people take them to improve their credit rating by paying the installments of their previous loans on time.


These are just like payday loans, but their repayment structure is spread out over a few pay checks. Installment loans are a better option than payday ones just because the repayment is broken down into small amounts, making it easier to repay. These unsecured options are gaining in popularity as they require no collateral. Their interest rates are also quite high, but the time limit is more than the payday ones. Some of the reasons why people go for this one are medical emergencies and mortgage repayments.


Billions of dollars of grant money is lying unused in the government coffers, due to lack of information and awareness among the general population about the procedures for securing these loans. The government has also created the Office of Departmental Grants Management and Oversight (ODGMO) to ensure the distribution of billions of dollars to the needy population. Government loans have very low-interest rates, and the terms of repayment are also relaxed and do not strain the financial condition of the borrower. All you need is some perseverance to find the right category, under which you can apply for one and be ready to fill out forms and complete the documentation process.

Differentiating between “Needs and Wants” is the key to financial freedom and it will benefit if you have this concept clear before applying for one. If you are not confident about your future earnings, taking a loan can put a strain on your already difficult financial standing.

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How to Get Personal Loans From Private Money Lenders

Many Americans are currently in need of urgent personal loans. In addition to their immediate financial problems, their loan applications are being rejected by banks and financial houses, and the reason for this is their bad credit scores. A good alternative and as a last resort to crawl out of such a problem is to approach private money lenders.

Private money lenders are entities who can be individual investors or privately owned financial houses. They are non-commercial loaners whose procedures for offering loans is much less complicated, unlike in banks and public funding companies. Note that their interest rates are generally higher than conventional loans, and might change depending on the company. The paperwork is also not that complicated as it is typically. Many have benefited from such kind of personal loans. They are most suitable for those who have a bad credit history or are yet to create a credit record. When it comes to applying for a loan from a private money lender, you need to be wary of some important considerations.

The first step is to collect and document all the essential financial data that can be relevant to the procedure. You will be required to show that you are receiving a periodical income and are financially stable. The best documents that you can show are your bank account, 401k financial records, income tax return statements, and other ways of income. After you have got all the necessary documents ready, you need to start searching for a private money lender.

You can search in yellow pages or can do an online search for private loaners in your locality. The best way is to give an advertisement in the newspaper. You can even get in touch with your bank to help you find a reliable candidate. Your bank might have contacts with these private loaners for helping people like you. After you find out one, explain to him your financial need completely and very clearly. Request him or her for the personal loan and complete all the paper formalities.

As mentioned above, the paperwork would be less, which will be good for you in case you are applying for a bad credit loan. Ask for a time period when you can expect to get a feedback regarding the acceptance of your application. It is recommended that you check the interest rates before applying for it. The best part of approaching private money lenders is that these loaners may not even ask for the credit ratings. Note that there are some private lenders who may even ask for putting up a collateral on line for granting the loan. This can also be referred to as a hard money loan.

When it comes to immediate cash necessities, regardless of the credit score, private money lenders might be of real help. Due to the recent financial downturn, it has become a bit difficult to get loans from banks and commercial public entities. As a result, the people are turning towards these private money lenders for financial help. Before entering any loan agreement, it is suggested that you read the terms and conditions of the same, just to be on the safer side.

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