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Get Started With Online Marketing In 5 Steps

There are many ways to get started with an online business! There are litterally hundreds of way to start your business! I know it is frustrating at first. You MUST get everything handled first in order to get it right. So, which method to choose? Blogs, your own website or should you promote with a Squidoo lens? Articles are antother way to promote…

Here is my opinion on this “dilema”. Hey, I’ve been around for a while now trying each and every one of the methods mentioned above… Nothing beats having your own website, with 100% control. What does this mean? Well, for starters, it means that you are building YOUR assets, not somebody elses.

Step #1, Decide to get your own.

Listen to this: If you are using a blogger blog and you have got adsense on it for example. Well, that is great, but what happens if blogger decides to “shut down” in any way. You would be totally lost, no money, no income… Nothing. Well that is why you build you own website and simply start to collect peoples e-mails. Why is this good? This is good because you are now building your own empire and not workinf for somebody else!

Step #2, Find your niche.

This is the most important step you will ever face. You must find your niche! Without a niche, you are virtually lost. You must gain expertise in the market you want to provide information in. You MUST know what you are talking about, and always be truthful. Go out there and find your niche!

Step #3, Get the right keywords

You must target the correct people with your marketing and advertising! This is simple and I didn’t think you’d disagree. Well, it is simple to find keywords research tools! Simply go to Google and search for “Keyword research tool”, you should be able to find many of them there.

Step #4, Build your own website from scratch.

This may sound “scary” at first, but I gurantee you it is worth it. Get your own websites and hosting to get the most out of your marketing. You can change the whole website in one day. Something I feel is hard to do with a blogger blog or anything else like that since it always virtually looks the same. Be unique.

Step #5, Collect e-mail in an autoresponder

This is the most crucial part of your marketing! Here is why… If you are constantly sending people from adwords to a landing page then the odds of you “scoring” are pretty high I agree. But the problem lies in the fact that you are not following up on them! Hey! These people are already known to buy! If they are serious enough they won’t mind signing up for your list. The people who buy once are bound to buy again, plain and simple! Get the people on your autoresponder. Well what is an autoresponder?

An autoresponder is a tool that collects e-mail adresses and gives you the ability to follow up on them, ON AUTOPILOT. This is used by many people today and I highly suggest it!

Well this concludes our 5 steps to internet wealth! If you think that the steps seem easy, well they can be! If you think they seem hard, then let’s work together and I will guide you on your journey. Plain and simple!

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