The Essence of Community

In a basic sense, a community is a group of people with common interests. This may be exemplified by a group of people who live within a specific area, persons involved in the same business or even those who share the same hobby.

The norms and routines of everyday life can sometimes result in you routinely navigating through the daily rituals of work, personal and family responsibilities in an almost 'robotic –. Zombie like fashion.'. The demands of the typical day can overwhelm even the most organized person. The ability to balance time or money can highlight the challenges that today's changing environment presents.

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On your own, your ability to continually access an effectively utilize all the resources at your disposal is limited. This is despite the level of your skills, your intelligence or your past achievements. It's the synergy with like minded people with whom you surround yourself that can be the driving force behind any massive success.

“Have you ever considered the possibility that our persistent effort to become more and more alike isdue to our basic oneness? We're surely called upon to be one family, to live together in mutual helpfulness and harmony. Human togetherness is indicated by creation, by redemption, by revelation. By experience. That's to say we've the same origin, the same need for salvation, the same possibility for growth and development.”. These were the words of the late- Rev. G. Murray Branch, Pastor of Dexter Avenue Baptist Church Montgomery, Alabama January 30, 1972.