TradeKing Group Launches TradeKing Media; New Subsidiary Acquires Trader|OS to Take Collaborative, Real-Time Social Trading to the Next Level | Business Wire

FT. LAUDERDALE, Fla.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–TradeKing Group, Inc., the parent company of online broker-dealer

TradeKing Securities (

and online advisory offering TradeKing Advisors (,

today announced it's created a new subsidiary, TradeKing Media.

TradeKing Media will serve as the primary resource for the full

portfolio of educational content and social collaboration channels

available to all investors, both clients and non-clients of TradeKing

Group alike. To provide the foundation for TradeKing Media’s offerings,

the company also announced it's acquired Trader|OS, a real-time

financial news, ideation and collaboration platform for investors that

takes social trading to an unprecedented level.

“In 2005, TradeKing created the first online trading social network with

the mission to connect investors so they could share investment

strategies and experiences, as well as learn from each other to further

hone their skills,” said Donato Montanaro, CEO of TradeKing Group.

“TradeKing Media and its acquisition of Trader|OS takes that mission and

moves it light years ahead by giving the independent investor the same

type of tools, access to information and real-time collaboration that a

professional trader experiences working in a live trading desk


Trader|OS combines tools and research with live, social collaboration

capabilities and instant trade execution, all in one seamless platform.

This type of integrated experience was previously something only

professional traders on Wall Street could enjoy, using expensive,

proprietary terminals while interacting with other traders in real-time.

“I loved how TradeKing embraced social as a useful tool for investors

well ahead of anyone else in the market,” said David Elias, founder and

CEO of Trader|OS and now President of TradeKing Media. “When Don and I

were introduced, it was clear we shared a similar vision. If we could

Bloomberg Acquires RTS Realtime Systems | Business Wire


“RTS’s strength in market connectivity is a perfect complement to our experience in data, analytics and order management,” said Dan Doctoroff, Bloomberg President and CEO. “As we continue to enhance our enterprise and trading solutions, incorporating RTS’s premier exchange connectivity and talented team will provide tremendous value to our clients.”

The acquisition will broaden Bloomberg’s exchange connectivity through RTS’s existing global network of data centers. Integrating RTS’s multi-asset trading solutions and services with Bloomberg’s suite of trading technologies will help level the playing field for Bloomberg’s global clients by giving them faster, more reliable access to liquidity venues around the world.

RTS also bolsters Bloomberg’s deep pool of market technology expertise. Bloomberg employs more than 3,000 technologists and RTS has more than 150 employees, including experts in developing local market connectivity solutions throughout Europe, Asia and the United States.

RTS co-founder and CEO Steffen Gemuenden noted: “We are proud to bring our rich heritage of high quality market connectivity and trading support applications to...

get a collaborative, actionable trading platform in front of individual

investors, we could change and improve the way they invest. We could

level the playing field for individuals to make better investment

decisions from real-time information previously only available to

professional traders on expensive subscription-based terminals. It was

clear we found the right partner with TradeKing to execute on our vision

for delivering a next level solution for investors looking to get an


The Trader|OS Platform delivers a “trading desk”-like environment by


  • A range of live collaboration features, including the ability to

    create, curate and share charts

  • Customized news and social feeds

  • A fully-integrated App Store will enable traders to further customize

    their collaboration platform with apps from independent developers

  • TradeKing|TV will offer broadcast channels with content covering

    specific areas of interest. Investors will soon be able to view

    interactive streaming videos and live webinars on Trader|OS, giving

    investors the latest news, actionable trading ideas and strategies to

    help them make the right investment decisions for their portfolio, all

    by easily selecting their particular channel(s) of interest

  • More to come: TradeKing Media will continue adding rich functionality

    to the Trader|OS platform over time, including strategy and

    copy-trading, to help investors leverage more trading ideas with

    unprecedented levels of transparency, trust and social


More about David Elias, President of TradeKing Media:

At the age of 16, David started out as a research intern for a boutique

Wall Street brokerage firm. After graduating college, he pursued his

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passion to get on the trading desk at Bear Stearns as a Futures and

Forex Trader. In 2000, he changed direction and founded a successful

social marketing agency that was later acquired in 2010. Keeping with

his entrepreneurial spirit, David returned to his original passion of

investing and trading and, with his experience of social marketing,

created the Trader|OS platform. In his new role as TradeKing Media

President, David will apply his unique skill set to ensure TradeKing

remains at the forefront of social trading.

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