Announces the Release of Version 4.9 of APS Automatic Pattern Search

New York, NY (PRWEB) January 25, 2006 announces the release of version 4.9 of APS Automatic Pattern Search, a software program that discovers price patterns that fulfill user-defined performance statistics and risk/reward parameters by searching historical market prices in a fully automated way. Version 4.9 of APS includes a number of new features and enhancements, as well as, several minor bug fixes and improvements.

Origami Logic Unveils First Marketing Signal Measurement Platform | Business Wire

MENLO PARK, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Origami Logic announced the release of the industry’s first platform designed to measure marketing signals. Marketing signals are generated every time someone clicks, opens, likes, views, tweets, shares or otherwise interacts with advertising and content. The Origami Logic Marketing Signal Measurement Platform empowers companies to convert massive streams of marketing signals into the actionable business insights required to optimize multi-channel campaigns, every day.

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“We were challenged with 500+ digital accounts across multiple platforms. Gaining visibility and actionable insights was not only a manual, time consuming process, but also the delay in reporting kept us from making strategic course corrections in real time,” said Kevin Scott, Director, Strategic Planning and Analytics, Digital Strategy and Enablement (DSE) group at Cisco. “Origami Logic enables us to aggregate...

APS Automatic Pattern Search implements an advanced algorithm that can search historical prices of traded financial instruments for the purpose of identifying price pattern formations that can be used as indicators of short-term price direction. These price patterns can serve as building blocks in the development of short-term trading strategies for the equity, futures and Forex markets. APS Automatic Pattern Search offers a powerful alternative to systematic technical trading, which traditionally involves a lot of guesswork and trial-and-error testing and analysis. The program searches for trading system models based on price patterns that fulfill the performance statistics and risk/reward parameters specified by the user. It then generates the exact mathematical description of these trading system models and code for their implementation in popular real-time market analysis and trading system development platforms.

The back-testing and analysis capability offered by popular technical analysis programs is useless unless their user can come up in advance with a promising trading model. This often leads to a very tedious, time-consuming and frustrating development process. Finding a profitable trading system using traditional methodologies is equivalent to “looking for a needle in a hay stack”. Dealing effectively with the realities of trading system development is one of the reasons APS Automatic Pattern Search has been called “a breakthrough in trading system development”. This program implements the concept of “Forward Synthesis of Trading Systems” developed by Michael Harris in the early 90’s. The input to the program is the desired historical performance and risk/reward parameters of the trading models to be discovered. The output of the program is the complete set of rules of trading models based on price patterns that fulfill the desired performance and in the risk/reward parameters specified by the user.

APS Automatic Pattern Search has a user-friendly interface for selecting historical data file(s) and specifying the performance criteria the price patterns discovered must fulfill. The user isn't required to write any programming code, something that's a basic requirement of popular software packages that only analyze trading systems. Instead, APS discovers trading models based on price patterns automatically using as a guide the performance criteria specified by the user. In addition, the program has functions for scanning a universe of securities for price patterns that fulfill specific performance criteria and risk/reward parameters, it tracks the signals generated by trading models saved by the user and generates code for implementing the models m in other popular programs.

Version 4.9 of APS includes a function that provides a list of open positions of the trading models saved in APS System Tracking. The new version also includes a profitability calculator one can use to determine the minimum profitability a trading system must've for a desired profit factor and set of risk/reward parameters. There are also several minor bug fixes and enhancements, including the addition of another input data format and an improved installation file with multilingual support. was established in 1998 by Michael Harris, a leading authority in the field of trading system development and a well-known author and trader. The company specializes in the development of state-of-the-art trading systems and trading system development tools for futures, equity, currency and fixed income markets and offers consulting services to Institutional Investors and Hedge Funds.