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The Stage is Set for 2015 to be the Year of the Robot Vacuum | Business Wire

NEWARK, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--The home robot vacuum market just got more interesting.

“With emphasis being placed on the market with new entries by notable mainstream vacuum brands – Dyson and Samsung – who are throwing their weight behind the category, 2015 promises to the year of the robot vacuum,” proclaimed Allen Hollingshead, VP of Sales, Americas/Asia Pacific for Neato Robotics. “The robotic vacuum category has been on a steep growth trend for the past several years. It was really just a matter of time before major vacuum companies such as Dyson with the new 360 Eye and Samsung joined the game.

Hollingshead continued: “The presence and marketing dollars of these new entrants will undoubtedly yield broader awareness and growth of the category among consumers in general.” Reports indicate the Dyson 360 Eye, announced in Japan this past week, will be available starting in Japan in mid-2015 and then in other international locations sometime after that.

Neato is the originator of intelligent robots with superior navigational capabilities, efficient and logical cleaning patterns, rather than the...