Vitamins and Supplements

Are supplements just vitamins?

I want to share with you my story:

In January 2013, I was faced with a situation of acute inflammation. I'd been diagnosed with the genetics of rheumatoid arthritis four years previous, by genetic testing of my blood. Although at the time, I didn't have any symptoms present. I was told that the genetics were passed by my father's genes. I do remember my father's uncle, “Uncle Mel”. Suffering terribly with acute rheumatoid arthritis in the last years of his life.

In April 2013, I'd sought out the care of a local doctor practicing as a Rheumatologist. He prescribed for me, methotrexate injections and prednisone. These two pharmaceutical medications reduced me to the couch every day and stripped me of my quality of life. I wasn't even able to accomplish simple household chores.

In July 2013, I found a contact for all natural medicine. I took my information to my Rheumatologist and share with him, that I felt really good about what I'd found and I wanted to give it a try. I was very concerned about the side effects of the pharmaceutical medications that he'd prescribed, especially the prednisone. He told me that prednisone was the only drug on the market that was recognized to control inflammation. That I needed to take it. He also lectured me for a half an hour, on the subject that supplements were only vitamins and they wouldn't work. What he didn't know was. I'm a prayerful woman. A woman of great faith. I'd taken the time to study out this information and put it the Lord in prayer. His lecture only sent me out the door, to never return again! I was convinced that he was only concerned about his own pocket book. Not willing to listen to the desires of my heart.

On July 10, 2013, my first order of supplements arrived by mail. I opened the box, check out all the different products that'd come. Decided to take my first dose. I'd spent the complete day on the couch and it was now 3:00 in the afternoon. To my amazement within 45 minutes of taking my new all natural products, I was off the couch! I went in and cleaned the kitchen and did the dishes. I kept a journal on my computer of my daily progress. My journey was a remarkable one. At my 9th day of taking the supplements, I through all of the prescription drugs in the kitchen garbage can! At my 9-month mark, my husband and I bought a pair of kayaks. I began a weekly exercise program of kayaking. I did this faithfully for one complete year. In October 2014, I went on my very first overnight kayaking river trip. I paddled 44 miles on this trip. Was four days on the water, from start to finish. I'd found the adventure of my dreams. Was truly in love with the adventures of the outdoors, my kayaking. Living life once again.

To this day, which will be three years come the 10th of July, I've not missed one day of taking my all natural medicine. I've not only had these products help me with the inflammation of my rheumatoid arthritis. With many other symptoms that have come my way.