What To Ask a Psychic Medium? 3 Types of Questions That Can Help You Live a Life You'll Love

Q: What're some good questions to ask during a psychic reading? Are some questions easier for a psychic to answer than others…. If so, HOW so? What questions should I avoid asking? Is everything fair game?

A: Many people are super excited about their first psychic reading. Then completely FREEZE..:-) They forget what they really wanted to ask. When put on the spot…. Only offer up a meagre mention of the things that were really bothering them. The questions they were REALLY curious to have answered.

The best way to avoid this? Very simple. Write down your questions well in advance. (or at least have a short list of questions committed to paper that you can quickly reference at any point during the reading that you need clarification.

Some general rules for a great reading?

Passion and Purpose questions are very common and for most psychics and genuine intuitives, very easy to answer as well.

How do I find my true passion…. Purpose? Do you see what I really SHOULD be doing with my life…. Do you feel that I'm doing it? (or well on my way there?)

Relationship questions are very common as well. Easy to answer for a love psychic or emotional intuitive.