Which connector is best?

Questions have arisen recently on the ability of field-terminated

no-epoxy/no-polish (NENP) connectors to support high-data-rate digital

systems and analog video systems. These questions have resulted in a

number of businesses and campuses installing factory-terminated fibers

through the use of fusion splicers instead of field-terminated fibers.

In tests to judge the ability of field-terminated single-mode NENP

connectors to reliably support high-data-rate (10 Gbps, 40 Gbps) and

analog video systems in a manner equivalent to fusion-spliced,

factory-manufactured connectorized pigtails, four backbone architecture

scenarios were evaluated. These included point-to-point and mesh at

distances of 300 meters to 12 kilometers to compare the high-data-rate

and analog video performances of the single-mode NENP SC connector to a

spliced single-mode SC connector pigtail.

For each scenario, the single-mode NENP SC connectors had -40 dB

reflectance and the single-mode SC pigtails had -55 dB reflectance.

Single-mode NENP SC connectors with -55 dB reflectance were also

What Does Digital Television Mean

Digital TV is a means of transmitting picture and sound to your TV set. It is done by converting the pictures and sound into computerized bits of information and compressing it, then transmitting it from TV station transmitter to your TV set. The signal is then converted back into pictures and sound by your TV using a decoder. Digital TV provides sharper pictures and more channels to your regular TV. This is because the digital signal is compressed, meaning it takes up less space in the airwaves, unlike the analogue system.
Where as the old analog system could only provide one channel per station, on Digital they can up to five channels of programming for each station. Nearly all PBS stations are taking advantage of this feature and offering a multi cast of educational programs along with the standard PBS network feed. The main benefit of Digital TV is the increase in picture quality; digital signals produce a much better picture and higher quality sound. Ghosting images and crackling pictures are a thing of the past, and the best bit is it's available to everyone.
In order to receive Digital TV on your television you will have to replace or adapt it (unless you have a recently purchased TV). By now all brand new TVs come with a built-in Digital tuner which means they are able to display Digital signals without the use of a separate box. If your TV doesn't have this feature then you will need to purchase and attach a converter box to your set.
Set Top boxes vary in costs ranging on average of $40 and up. The Government has launched a program where it will distribute two $40 coupons per household towards the purchase of these converter boxes. To apply call 1-(800)-DTV-2009 or go online...

included for the analog video system evaluation. Each connector utilized

a flat polished ferrule end-face.

NENP SC connectors and fusion-spliced pigtails were installed on

each backbone cable, while factory-manufactured SC jumpers with -55 dB

reflectance were used for patch panel cross-connects and interconnects.

A certified contractor installed each connector to represent actual

field-deployable conditions.

Testing of 10 Gbps was performed at the 1,310-nm wavelength in

accordance with the IEEE-802.310GBASE-LR physical media dependent, using

a standards-compliant transceiver. A minimum average receiver power

level of -14.4 dBm is specified for a bit error rate (BER) of 10^-12. A

stringent pseudorandom binary (bit)sequence (PRBS)of 2^31-1 was used to

generate receiver BER waterfall curves for the comparative analysis.

Testing of 40 Gbps was performed at 1,550 nm using four

time-division multiplex 10-Gbps electrical data signals, with a PRBS of

2^31-1 to generate receiver BER waterfall curves for the comparative

analysis. Analog testing was performed across the 55- to 550-MHz

Internet Service Provider Factors To Consider

Internet Service Provider or ISP is a company that offers Internet access to individuals as well as businesses on monthly or annual charge basis. Along with connectivity, certain ISPs also provide related services such as domain name registration, website hosting and development, email services, and more. There are certain crucial factors that should be equally considered before choosing an Internet Service Provider whether of Mexico or isp Afghanistan.

The best Internet Service Provider would be the one that serves your needs in the best way possible. Most ISPs provides an array of connection plans for subscribers to choose from. Depending on one's level of Internet access and requirement of additional services, a subscriber can select the most apt plan with required features. The bandwidth and network capacity provided by the Internet service provider determines the speed of connection. Higher level of bandwidth and network capacity offers higher speed for browsing as well as faster uploading and downloading experience for the user.

But along with the features, the budget is also an important factor as higher the budget better would be the features. An individual with usual browsing, downloading and other such needs would require a low budget Internet connection while a big corporation with higher and intricate access needs would require a high-priced connection plan involving complex technology and excellent features.

Another crucial factor of any ISP is the level of support that is provided to their subscriber. Internet Service Providers that offer 24X7 support to the customers and respond timely and speedily to their queries and problems are considered highly reliable.

nternet Service Providers offer customers with an array of devices to choose from which determines the type of internet access that they will be provided with. In addition to the devices, the clients are also given a specific...

frequency range using 77 multiplexed RF channels with transmission at

the 1,550-nm wavelength. A 6-MHz band pass filter was used to isolate

channels 2, 9 and 78 to perform the carrier-to-noise ratio (CNR)

comparative analysis using an electronic spectrum analyzer.

BER waterfall curves express the BER response to decreasing

received power. For each test scenario, a variable optical attenuator

was used to attenuate the receive power to derive the BER waterfall

curve. Each test scenario easily conformed to a BER of 10^-12 at the

minimum average receiver power level for 10 Gbps and 40 Gbps. The NENP

connectors exhibited equivalence performance for each test scenario when

compared to the spliced factory-terminated pigtails.

RF CNR analysis is the common metric for evaluating analog video

system performance. CATV standards define a minimum 43 dB for video

transmission. Three discrete channels were monitored to compare the CNR

performance for each scenario. Reference CNR measurements were made for

a back-to-back setup with transmission through a short fiber jumper and

compared to each tested scenario to derive a delta CNR. As with the

10-Gbps and 40-Gbps test results, the analog video test results for each

scenario showed that the NENP connectors give equivalent performance to

the spliced factory-terminated pigtails.

High-data-rate digital and analog video testing was performed to

evaluate the system performance difference between backbone single-mode

fiber cables terminated with NENP SC connectors and fusion-spliced

factory-polished SC connector pigtails. Test lengths simulated typical

distances and architecture topologies used in LANs. Test results showed

the NENP SC connector to have equivalent performance to a spliced SC

connector pigtail for 10-Gbps and 40-Gbps digital signals and analog

CATV signals.

Doug Coleman is manager of technology and standards for Corning

Cable Systems, Hickory, N.C.

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